#EndSARS Goes International As Twitter CEO Jack And #Anonymous Hackers Join Campaign

The #EndSARS protest across Nigeria has gained a major international boost and momentum following a major international endorsement and solidarity from the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and an international hacking group Anonymous.

Jack has opened a #EndSARS bitcoin fund for people to donate while also tweeting in solidarity to Nigerian youths. Thus follows a more than 8 days of protest demanding an end to the rogue Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS.

Jack’s donation and support came after several calls from Nigerian protesters demanding twitter show support to Nigerians protesting and he must have been motivated by the freezing of the account of flutterwave that has been raising fund to assist protesters.

Anonymous which is a hacking group that hacks as a way to fight for the fundamental human right of citizens of the world.

They have given the Nigerian 72hrs to attend to the demand of Nigerian #EndSARS protesters.

Despite announcing it has accepted the demands of protesters to disband SARS, there is a wide gap of distrust on the government that has never kept to its words since it came to power.

Many Nigerian youths have been killed by the police especially SARS, many kidnapped and still missing yet following consistent pressure on the govt it would only announce a dissolution with no action and the SARS would return to the street a few days later. It has been so since 2017, 2018, 2019, and early 2020.

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