Bandit Herdsment Attack Commuters Along Ekpoma-Auchi Road, Abduct Many

A passenger who was traveling to Ekpoma today has alleged that armed Fulani herdsmen this afternoon attacked travelers along the Ekpoma-Auchi road and abducting many.

According to the passenger he said the driver of the bus he was in was shot at but survived.

The message he sent to me and a video is produced below unedited:

“We thank God for life today. We were in the middle of life and death today.
Around 3pm today were attacked by the Fulani herds men. Not too far from a police checkpoint.
They were shooting randomly, at vehicles. They shot at our vehicle several times, shot our driver (thank God he’s still alive)
They abducted everyone from their except and took away with a trailer. Only our vehicle were left out. No police came to our rescue, for like 30 mins no movements in the road. We came out from the vehicle and run for safety, even as we were running they were still shooting from the bush. Indeed God protected us.
The country is not Safe for anyone again, the government has failed us. The insecurities in the country is at its peak. The government must have a hand in this. Please those traveling pass Ekpoma- Auchi road should be careful”

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