Sponsored Armed Thugs Attack Abuja #EndSARS Protesters, Meet Their Waterloo

Sponsored armed thugs today attacked #EndSARS protesters in the Berger area of Abuja damaging cars and causing injury to a few protesters.

The brave protesters however repelled the matchete and stick carrying thugs and this resulted to severe injury on a majority of the thugs leaving many of them to scamper for safety.

The protesters thereafter called on ambulances and took the injured herdsmen and one of the injured protesters to the National Hospital Abuja were the hospital asked for police report before they will treat them.

A video posted on Sahara TV showed a young man Anasu Umar saying they were mobilised by the chairman of Jabi Motor Park, Nasiru Code to attack the #EndSARS protesters.

In his video statement, he said four of the thugs died including his brother Sadiq. He said tear gas was fired on them and a car ran over his brother in the process leading to his death.

Some protesters who tweeted said the arrested thugs had confessed to being paid One Thousand Five Hundred Naira.

Angered by this the protesters quickly constructed a mock coffin with Buhari posters on it.

Abuja protest continues tomorrow and arrangements have been made to repair vehicles and phones damaged during the protest.

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