I am Happy to Be Out – Erica Nlewedim

Disqualified Big Brother Naija 2020 contestant Erica Nlewedim said she is happy to be out of the show. She said she is relieved a day after her disqualification as she needed to see her loved ones and fans.

Erica in a an exclusive interview with Big Brother apologised to Laycon and all the housemates. She spoke about her plans for the future.

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Below is the transcript of the interview:

“Hello My name is Erica Nlewedim and I have just been disqualified from Big Brother Lockdown house.”

“I have apologised to the housemates before leaving the house and I will like to apologise to everybody who watched the show, all my supporters, my family and friends.”

“I am very sorry for my actions and I am very sorry for saying those horrible words to Laycon. Laycon I do not hate you. We have our disagreements but I don’t hate you. And to everybody I insulted, Prince, Dora, all the different people I insulted I am very very sorry.”

“It’s the day after my disqualification,I feel relieved. I am happy to be outside. I am happy to see my loved ones and my supporters.”

“I really needed that, so I am very happy to be outside the house. The lesson I have learnt from staying in the house is that I should be fine in being alone I noticed that I wasn’t fine being alone but now I know I have to be fine in being on my own.”

“My favourite moments in the house were when I eon the Head Of House, the two times I won the Head Of House, all the parties, I really liked to have fun, dancing. Yea, dressing up, looking pretty. So the parties, the task, all the challenges, just winning.”

“What drew me to Kiddwaya is the fact that I feel we kind of have some similarities. We are both carefree, we are both crazy. We are kind of complete babies too. And our conversations kind of flowed naturally. We were very cool.”

“I don’t think Kiddwaya feels the same way about me but I don’t really care about that. I think Kiddwaya played a role in my getting strikes but I think it’s my responsibility and I feel like I also played a role in him getting strikes too.”

“What went wrong in my relationship with Laycon? I think it is when he started telling people I tried to kiss him. To my knowledge it only happened once and I was intoxicated. He knew that if not the alcohol, that won’t have happened the first place.”

“And he lied I tried Kissing him a couple of times. Once is not a couple of times. And he decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. So I am wondering why he kept talking about me to different people.and making me look bad.”

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“I think the rift between me and Laycon can be fixed because to me, I don’t even have any negative feelings towards Laycon. One thing about me, whenever I am angry, I just want to tell the person how I feel and within a few minutes it passes and I think I have done that over and over. So I don’t have any grudges against Laycon.”

” What I will miss about the house is the fact I didn’t have to pay any bills and I got to eat free food all the time. Yea that’s what I will miss about the house. I will miss the competitions also. I love winning competitions.”

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“And yea, the task they were fun. I didn’t even know I have a signature dance but my ginger at the party came from watching myself. I would always face a mirror and when I watch myself, I will feel myself and I will just be dancing. Yes, I had my partners before they left, Tolanibaj and Brighto. They were also ginger people, so it was always fun.”

“The first thing I want to do when I get back to my normal life is talk to my loved ones I have really missed them and I have really needed their support. I will be very grateful to have them.”

“Now that I am done with Big Brother, the ventures I will love to go into are obviously my acting, I will love to be a brand ambassador for numerous brands. I will love to go into real estate, I will love to go into beauty businesses also, yea.”

“And I will love for my fans to support me. I love you all. Thank you very much.”

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