GoFundme Fundraising For Disqualified BBNaija Housemate Erica Hits $14000 In Less Than 24 Hours

A gofundme fundraising account set up for disqualified Big Brother Naija 2020 contestant Erica Nweledim has hit $14 231 in less than 24 hours.

The gofundme account was set up by Erica’s fans called the Elites to raise $100 000 for her following her disqualification from the show.

The organisers of the show reached the decision to disqualify her after she got three strikes and a final one. She was sent out of the show for gross misconduct and flouting the Big Brother set down rules.

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Erica who was the Head of House before her disqualification has been on a constant battle with fellow housemate Laycon over his romantic attraction on her.

Laycon was her best friend and confidant but he developed feelings after misreading her intentions of always confiding in her about her relationship with Kiddwaya whom she felt was just flirting with her.

He spoke to evicted housemate Brighto who adviced him to keep putting pressure on her until she falls for him.

The talks about their situationship constantly came up for discussion during the Sundays Live Eviction Show with anchor Ebuka.

Ebuka turned the table the Sunday before when he asked Laycon to clear what he told some housemates in private that Erica tried to kiss him twice. A shocked Erica asked when did that happen.

Laycon said he wouldn’t talk about it because Erica won’t remember because she was drunk at the time.

Erica was angry and tried to get an explanation from him after the show but according to her, he was refusing to talk.

After the last Saturday Night Party were they were field with sufficient doses of Gordon Dry gin, Erica went off her emotions and insisted on talking to Laycon about it.

She then went to rain abuses on Laycon, body shaming him in the process. He called him ugly, chicken bones, drumstick, mopstick and threatened to beat and kill him inside and outside the house.

She refused to calm down despite pleas from her boyfriend Kiddwaya and Tricktee. She insisted she was not drunk but was pained from the heart over a false accusation.

Biggie also accused her of interfering with cameras thereby tampering with the production process. She also poured water on the bed of the HOH hence preventing her deputy from sleeping on the bed. She accused him of not supporting her in the Laycon’s outburst.

Later in the money Erica apologised to the entire housemates and had explained to Kidd and Trickytee how her life’s experiences has affected her.

She said she needed help to curb the habit of going to the extreme in addressing pained issues when she was drunk.

Erica who is from a single home complained of her denial of love while growing up and had spent her life moving from one home to the other.

She said she had been seeking for love all her life and she has been getting betrayals all her life.

The explanation made it clear while she was glued to Kiddwaya who had been by her side and cared for her and also while she was attracted to Laycon’s mental intelligent.

It could also explain her disappointment when he began to develop romantic attraction for her and the pressure he pit into it.

Laycon during his dairy session with Big Brother on Sunday said Erica only attempted to kiss him once when she was drunk. He said show anchor Ebuka compounded the issues. He said the second they almost kissed but stopped and it wasn’t Erica that initiated it.

Erica is a Nigerian professional actress who was relatively known. Where she goes from here, time will tell but she does need a psychologist/ therapist to heal her wounds that have become deep.

Erica was a two time HOH and had won many task. She was a lovable person in the house. She had those who liked her and those who hated her as it is in every spheres of life.

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