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BBNaija 2020 Top 5 Housemates After 50 Days

It’s been 50 days since the housemates entered the Big Brother Naija Season 5 house tagged Lockdown edition.

They were twenty at the start and today there are just 9 of them left to go into the final laps of the reality TV show. There has been 10 evictions and one disqualification.

Evicted housemates are Ka3na, Kaisha, Praise, Eric, Lilo, Tochi, Brighto, Wathoni, Tolanibaj and Lucy. Erica was disqualified for gross misconduct. The surviving nine are, Dorathy, Kiddwaya, Laycon, Neo, Nengi, Ozo, Trikytee and Vee.

After 10 days in the house, I did a top 10 housemates and today only 6 of them are survivors. The top 10 were Nengi, Erica, Laycon, Wathoni, Ozo, Dorathy, Neo, Kiddwaya, Brighto and Praise.

So much have changed in the house including strategies and dynamics both inside and outside the house. With about 21 days to go and nine contestants left, I would be selecting my top 5 housemates that would probably be at the grand finale.

Note that as I said earlier, the dynamics of the games changes and is unpredictable. Three of the top 5 are up for possible eviction this week.

The criteria for the selection includes both internal a and external factors. These would be their relationship with fellow housemates, nomination records and fan base/rating outside.


Laycon is the clear favourite to win the prize money after his stiffest contender Erica was disqualified from the show last Sunday.

His romantic interest on Erica provided much content and attention from the viewers for weeks with show anchor Ebuka always bringing it up. The entanglement between the duo ended in Erica’s disqualification.

Laycon’s fan base grew exponentially over the I’ll treatment he got from the other contestants on day one. They looked down on him as a lower class. The housemates themselves confirmed what they felt at later days during the show.

Layco’s mental intelligence as Erica put it attracted the other housemates to him. They drew closer when he told them he is an artiste and sang some of his hip hop songs to them. His songs are also a feature on Saturday Nights party by visiting DJs.

Together with fellow artiste Veeiye, they have won tasks that involves musical performances and physical creativity. Their biggest win so far is the JohnnieWalkerAt200 challenge which gave them a million naira each along with Nengi and a trip to Scotland. That would be Laycon’s first foreign trip and he is excited about it.

Erica’s body shaming Laycon has however increased his support base far above others as sympathisers are pouring in to identify with his fans called ICONS.

He was always tops during early nomination process and when he was put up for nomination last week, he gathered over 40% of the votes cast while the other five housemates shared the remaining.


Ozo is a two time head of house who earned the respect of his colleagues. His reign is always peaceful and was the only times they won their wager tasks until last one.

Ozo’s stay in the house have revolved around his relationship with Dora and Nengi. He got the house on a tense love mode as he tried to please both Dora and Nengi at the same time.

He had a hard choice picking his deputy after his first win as HOH. He went for Dora and offered an explanation to an unhappy Nengi.

On his second victory as HOH he chose Nengi in whom his love has gone deeper. For weeks now he has been begging Nengi for acceptance but has been unable yo get a break through.

The two are however loved by viewers as they get much to talk about them online.

Ozo has a large followership outside and has proved to be strong when all housemates were on nominations. He was never in the last four.

His biggest highlight is his win with Trickytee on the PepsiChallenge of one million naira and a trip to one first festival Dubai.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Nengi is the eye of the storm in the house. Her attractive nature and backside isn’t helping matters as most of the guys in the house want to have a relationship with her.

She is not liked by the other ladies apart from Vee because they feel she leads the men on and always the central of attraction.

Most prominent of it all is being in the centre of a triangle of men of interest; Ozo, Prince and Kiddwaya. She said she like Prince but lost interest in him because he is everybody’s friend.

For Kiddwaya its not clear what kind of game they are playing but they say they are just friends. Ozo and Erica has raised issues with their closeness. Erica had to break a convoy between the duo and Ozo coming for Nengi during last Saturday’s night party. Nengi had to explain to Erica she had known Kiddwaya before the show and would have had something to do with it if she wanted.

Nengi had consistently explained she has a relationship outside but the guys no go hear word.


bbnaija 2020 prince

Prince is the only housemate to be DHOH twice. He is considered the strongest competition by his fellow housemates.

He takes all task serious and always comes close to winning but rarely does. He gets emotional for every loss.

Prince is multi talented. Apart from his active roles to the success of general tasks, he barbs and shaves the guys hairs. He also washes, fix and braids the hairs of the ladies in the house.

Despite the services he provides, they want to see him out to boost their chances in moving to the grand finale.

Prince was hurt by Nengi’s rejection but found solace in the cuddles of Tolanibaj. His friendship with Dorathy is firm and one that seemed like blood relations.

The most emotional highlight of his stay in the house was his diary session when he got emotional as he spoke about his relationship with his senior brother. It was one that got him crying.

Last Sunday he got a shout out from that big bro of his and he got excited.

Prince is one of the most hard working and most caring housemate that is focused on the game but filled with fears his colleagues would try to get him out.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Dorathy is an amiable housemate loved by many. She is like a big sister in the house.

Dora as she is mostly called is a class of her own in the house always avoiding situations that would lead to conflict.

She has a sizeable fan base that kept her away from bottom four whenever she is up for general nomination. Today would be the first time more than one housemate has put her up for possible eviction

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If you disagree with my list, state yours in the comment session.

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