BBNAIJA 2020: Laycon Falls into Deep Depression as Erica Picks KidWaya as DHOH

Laycon has fallen into deep depression after Erica picks her boo Kidwaya over him as deputy head of house.

Laycon was Erica’s bestie in the house but he developed romantic feelings and expressed it to her. She relied on him for advice and support as she tried to come to terms over her feelings with Kidwaya.

Erica defeated other housemates to become the 4th HOH. Her closest revival was Prince who was disappointed but got over it.

Erica explained to Kidwaya he didn’t choose Laycon because he developed feelings for her and she wasn’t comfortable sharing a room alone with him. She made that clear to Laycon.

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She said she and Laycon had promised each other to pick each other should any of them won the HOH. She also said Laycon had asked for space and that even makes it harder for her to choose him.

Laycon is unable to handle the disappointment and is blaming Erica for speaking to him after her choice.

Truth be told, Laycon is being childish and has lost focus in the game. If he knows the number of fan base he has on the outside, he would do better.

The guy has lost it but I believe Hus feelings for Erica is real. However, Kidwaya might have told Ebuka he has no feelings for Erica after Erica said they are just friends. Their relationship is getting stronger and developing like most relationships would. Kidwaya understands better the way yo a woman’s heart and its working for him.

I like what Vee told him. She said:” Preoole don’t like you because you like a girl. People like you because you are smart and energetic. . . You are not in this house for a girl.”

Neo spent most of the time helping to stabilize Laycon. He impressed on him that he has to be emotionally energetic.

Neo told him to erase everything that has happened and go back to the moment he walked into the house . . . alone.

The major problem with Laycon is that he lacks self confidence and is always in self denial. He did it with Wathoni and now Erica.

The dude is intelligent and talented more than half the housemates but he doesn’t realise that. On the outside he has gathered a host of blind fan base who will not see anything wrong with his game.

I don’t have anything against the guy. I like him and like I tweeted recently on my handle @OgagaLD, Laycon would make my storyline any day anytime.

If I had the time, I would have started a new novel documenting his story as it develops.

Brighto the little finger was the one who pushed Laycon to this crisis but he is no where in doing damage control.

If it was another person, he would have lost votes. Eric and Lilo were mocked but Laycon is being hailed by same crowd.

The last two HOH deputy selection has been fun indeed. Ozo was in a fix at selecting between Nengi and Dora. Erica between Laycon and Kidwaya. Both made the wisest choice.

In life girls need to be careful on how they carry their relationship issues to people. Guys would want to take advantage of you in your weak state and girls envious of your relationship would want to have you end it or even steal your boo.

That a girl falls to you for comfort doesn’t mean she wants you or want a break up. Do not abuse the privilege of an advisor or comforter.

Never try to get in between people’s relationship because you will be the loser.

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