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Revolution Starts in the Mind – Segun ‘segalink’ Awosanya

Revolution starts in the mind so said Segun, as he analyses thee state of mind and impunity in Nigeria. Read on:

No matter how professional and incredible you get at bringing value, the moment you consent to working with the wrong crowd or client, they’ll always find means to force their way into making you seek validation. You need not prove yourself to anyone seeking to control you.

Manipulative beings have no moral Centre or emotional permanence. They tool everyone around them and your authenticity will always be a problem for their stunted self esteem. Their allegiance will always be with the voices in their heads as projected & not with reality.

This is why many egoists don’t pay for services. They don’t value professionalism unless they control your being and even blame you for what they made you do. They criminalize you’re every action once you refer to play along with their injurious narcissism. Beware out there.

You’ll wonder why people do so much to get the attention of people they claim not to respect or regard. The issue is simply that they want what you have but on their terms. They don’t want you independent but under their strings. These mindless ghouls ruin lives. Be wary.

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Never take any job based on sentiments if you are indeed committed to self respect. Ask your clients why they have chosen you. This is specifically for folks like me who don’t write proposals. Document their rationale and read it to them once they begin to argue with you.

In Steve Jobs’ words, you don’t hire smart people to teach them how to serve us but to allow them be themselves in our situation & help us grow based on the terms of the agreement. Nigeria is missing out on the capabilities of young professionals because of the avarice of a few.

People who want something for nothing will forever get nothing for something. It’s like stealing from yourself or buying an item you already own. Stop cheating people. Stop breaching contracts & grandstanding on unethical practices. There’s a future & you may not be a part.

I have been reading tons of emails on breaches by bosses and people who believe they are above the law of the land, capitalizing on the corrupt & derelict criminal justice system. How can the young succeed if all they get is the short end of the stick?

They have succeeded in creating an atmosphere or moral@ambiguity that justifies impunity to the point where young people are forced to be fraudulent just to get ahead in life. On the Govt’s end there is no enabling environment & private sector wise we have unconscionable Sharks.

How do you people sleep at night? I have said severally that young people are the worst to offend. They will grow no doubt and run things beyond your wretched imagination and by then you will regret all the hurts you have brought upon them if you live that long. Change now.

Someone got injected by a product of a quota system, whose employment in the facility was facilitated based on who he knows & where he came from. The patient died at home afterwards. This goes to show how close home the consequences of the anomaly we justify/normalize today is.

The thugs smuggled into the police system are killing and robbing innocent citizens on a national scal today. None of the evil that we perpetuate today stays small. It lives after us all and unfortunately our children may be impacted by them if not undone on time.

We point finger at politicians and rulers hypocritically when we don’t even treat ourselves right in our own domain. People who don’t honor agreements and contracts too make a lot of noise when reading headlines but do worse to others in their businesses. Why are we thus?

As I have always maintained, it is about the Crime and not the Criminal. Revolution starts in the mind. It’s not against anyone. It about you saying “I’ll not be a part of the problem.” It is about doing right by others & having a moral code. It starts with each & everyone of us.

You become a target once you are passionate about what you do. Show me anyone with authenticity and I will show you a man (gender neutral collective) society has driven to doubt his own value. In a society run by mediocrity, being unique places you in their crosshairs.

A wise man once said “The world is full of injustice. Good people die along with the bad. This cosmic equation will never change unless evil itself is wiped from existence.” But can evil be completely wiped out? The tares & harvest must grow together.

“Thankfully there are strong forces pushing back against the wicked and iniquitous. Individuals who have the strength to pull together against insurmountable odds to face adversity with unblinking courage and not to hesitate to sacrifice themselves for another.” Be a part.

This article was first published on Twitter @segalink. Segun Awosanya is a social media influencer and human right activist.

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