Twitter hack: How Secured is the Internet?

17 Year Old American Mastermind Of July Twitter Hack Arrested and Charged

A 17 year old American citizen has been arrested as the mastermind of last month’s Twitter hack. The hack which targeted high profile politicians and celebrities including accounts of former president Barack Obama, Elon Musk

Others are the presumptive Democratic Party candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kim and Kanye West among others.

The attackers infiltrated data base of Twitter employees and perpetrated a cryptocurrency scam that shook the word. It brought to fore the volatility of the internet and stored data.

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The hackers made away with about $120 000 dollar worth of crypto before Twitter brought down the accounts temporary.

According to CNN quoting a statement from Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, the minor, 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark, was arrested on Friday morning in Tampa after an investigation conducted by federal and state investigators, Friday alleging Clark was the “mastermind.”

The reports also stated two other accomplices were also arrested. It stated that “The individuals included Mason Sheppard, a 19-year-old from the United Kingdom who went by the moniker “Chaewon” online, Nima Fazeli, a 22-year-old from Orlando, Florida who went by the alias “Rolex,” as well as a minor” quoting a statement from United States Attorney David Anderson.

This is a positive development and has brought down the invisibility of online hackers. It will send a strong message to not just hackers but scammers who have resorted to crypto scam with the belief that crypto is untraceable.

This will also send shivers down the spine of criminals who launder money through cryptocurrencies.

In the words of David Anderson,”There is a false belief within the criminal hacker community that attacks like the Twitter hack can be perpetrated anonymously and without consequence. Today’s charging announcement demonstrates that the elation of nefarious hacking into a secure environment for fun or profit will be short-lived.”

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