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BBNaija 2020 Top 10 Housemates After 10 Days

BBNaija 2020 top 10 Housemates have been analysed by NaijaSpleen. Its been an interesting 10 days for all of the housemates and viewers.

The housemates haven’t disappointed at all. This edition is unique as much as the previous edition. Big Brother sure understand how to put together peculiar personalities to meet the theme of each edition.

Selection of the top 10 out of the 20 housemates is based on three indices namely; activity in the house, perception of housemates and viewers/fans perception.

There could be minimal error of 20% in judgement as i do not spend 247 to watch the show. However, all the housemates are doing well depending on the game plan they came into the house with.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

At number one is Nengi. The ex-beauty pageant is so far the sweetest and most likable in the house. She is by far the most intelligent in the house. She is one of the most humble i have seen so far. Nengi isn’t carried away by her beauty and treats all the guys and babes alike with respect.

Her reign as the HOH was a peaceful one. There was no complaint from any of the housemates and her ability to unite the house was remarkable.

She is the hottest of the females and almost all the guys would which she tend towards them. So far, she is playing safe but the weeks to come will determine if she is acting or real.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Erica became prominent in the house and to viewers based on the interest from Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya is as well interested in Nengi.

The battle for where his heart is kept viewers entertained. Its either she doesn’t trust him because of his inherited wealth or she doesn’t like him. Last night she told Laycon she is not attracted to him but it is fun flirting with each other.

She is playing a game to entertain the viewers. It is hard to tell if she is real or she is stuck to her life experience. However, she is providing an entertaining content and gets a place on number two.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Laycon caught the attention of the viewing public from day one. This is as a result of the contempt at which majority of the fellow housemates treated him.

The attitudes changed as the day went and they all discovered the dude is more talented they many of them do. She became the darling of the house as the rejected stone becomes the corner stone.

While he strives to be real, his game is yet to become clearer as he attempts to form a friendship with Wathoni and it backfired. It is not clear whether he has an eye for Nengi or he is just flirting. His closeness to Erica could also prove to be a point of friction between him and Kiddwaya.

Laycon seem to have the highest fan base but that would be tested when results of Sunday’s eviction is out.

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Wathoni is another sweet girl in the house. She is cool and well calculative. She is very careful with her she plays the game but after Sunday we could see something else.

She gets lots of attention in the house and is always a topic for discussion.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Ozo is well loved across board. The soft spoken dude is always full of life. Ozo is a lady’s man but his inability to decide on one lady has become a problem as he is having none.

Aside that he has the ability of uniting persons around him.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Dora is famous outside the house for the size of her breast. She even became more famous after a photo shopped picture tagged Dora milk trended.

She would set tongues wagging during the Saturday Night Party after she oiled the much talked about breast. It was exposed and you would know she knows that is her selling point.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Neo is one of the most respected and funniest in the house. He is lively and makes the house have a no dull moment.

He exhibited his leadership side of him when he acted as the oracle to a game time. The discipline he brought to bear, endeared him to more fans.

He is so far getting well along with vee and how that goes, time will tell.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Kiddwaya came into the house with a game plan to be a player. The bobo has been flirting with the babes in the house but he dropped his anchor on Erica. Yet the babe has been giving him tough times and playing along with his emotions.

The dude is a friendly fellow and connects well with the boys club. He has so far provided exciting content for viewers discussions.


bbnaija 2020 top 10

Brighto is tagged a pastor by viewers and came into the house as an introvert. He raised dusts inside and outside the house when he said he dated a girl for 8 years without sex.

Brighto shocked the viewing public and his fellow housemates during Saturday’s night party after he took of his clothes and rocked hard. He gave live to the party and reminded viewers of the last edition when all the boys took off their clothes.

Some of the girls are comfortable with him because of his calm nature and approachable life style.

He has gradually become an active member of the house and everyone connects with him.

NUMBER 10: Praise

bbnaija 2020 top 10

Praise is the life of the house and the noise maker extra-ordinary. He bring fun and energy to every angle and activity there is in the game.

The dancer and one time Maltina dance all winner is the chief dance instructor and gym coach assisted by Neo. He is controversial as well and very good at gossip.

He is the second realest housemate after Neo. He is having fun at its best and connects with everyone. Praise does not hide how he feels when offended but handles issues with maturity.

The Lockdown Edition of the Big Brother Naija has so far rated more than the last edition in terms of fun and content in just 10 days. The housemates are more united but after Sunday’s show we shall know if many will come out from the shell.

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