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BBNaija 2020: Lucy The Inconsolable Head Of House

Big Brother Nigeria 2020 week 2 Head of House, Lucy has proved to be one of the most disliked housemate so far. Her winning the HOH was a saviour because she probably would have found her way out.

Laycon was treated with contempt at the start but once his charming disposition and talented side was discovered attention shifted to Lucy. Lucy drew negative attention based on the way she talks to the other housemates.

She is very expressive but she ought to have understood that every person there is an adult and entitled to their way, If they break the rules, they face the music. The only time there could be collective punishment is when is when a majority flouts the rule.

It was grace that gave her the HOH position. Instead of to use the privilege to win the love of her fellow housemates, she went on a revenge drive. None of her mates was happy she won, but she had the opportunity to surprise or maybe shame them.

The Head of house position was a time to change the narrative and not only win the trust of others but to win viewers affinity. As a result of her bossy and rude approach to issues, she has further widened the gap among the housemates.

Her selection of Prince was not by choice because her choice was Ka3na and she made that known. Big Brother insisted she took a deputy of the opposite sex as against Nengi’s tenure.

Ka3na was the chef of the house and it earned her more respect. They call her mama and it most parts of Nigeria, it is an expression of respect for an older woman. She lost that as a friend of Lucy when she stopped cooking for the housemates or selects who she gives food.

Her reason was because they didn’t take part in the chores or cooking. That wasn’t the case until Lucy became HOH. Lucy is authoritative when it comes to house cleaning. They are not kids and there could be a better way to go about it.

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The wager task is the high point of the tenure of the HOH and Lucy failed in this task and she knows it. She is not taking responsibility but passing the blame. If she had improved her relationship with her peers, it probably would have gone better instead of trying to force her opinion on others irrespective her correct she is.

The most embarrassing moment of her night is refusing to be consoled by her DHOH. Prince met her in the room where she had withdrawn to and made effort to comfort her. She proved to be terrible in that area as well.

It’s bad to ask someone who is consoling you to leave. She openly told Prince he was pretending to console her whereas he is trying to feel good at himself.

It was obvious she had bore grudge on Prince opting to take a drink rather than kiss her during the dare or drink game some nights back. Telling him she knows he would not have selected her as his DHOH if he was the Head of House , was a ridiculous confrontation on someone standing by your side in your time of sorrow,

Prince on the other hand has increased his rating the way he handled the entire episode. His maturity is classic. Refusing to be angry and going to the extent of laying on her was a plus to his manhood. He sure does know how to handle a woman.

He didn’t allow her aggression take over him. Price told her to stop beating herself and she asked if it is his beating. The dude was unfazed by all these.

Lucy may have survived this week’s eviction but there could be tougher times ahead and she has the time to change her game strategy. I don’t see viewers ready for a Tacha era. This is a different season with a different philosophy and ideology.

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