Segun Awosanya and Kiki Mordi

Segun Awosanya and Kiki Mordi Fight Dirty Over Dbanj’s Rape Accuser

There has been a dirty fight among two of Nigerian prominent human right activists Segun Awosanya and Kiki Mordi over Dbanj’s rape accuser Seyitan. The war of words which was ignited by Segun via his social media handle @segalink got a corresponding response from @kikimordi.

Segun tweeted on saturday accusing Kiki of playing the role of the hitman under the auspices of the coven (feminists coven) sending threats to Seyitan and himself. He promised to reveal the monster Kiki Mordi had become. Kiki didn’t take this lightly and went on to react by producing audio and test messages exchanges between her and Segun.

The exchanges of words continued until Sunday and probably still going on. I won’t be saying much but will produce some excepts of the tweet. They have however been entertaining their fans who as well have joined in the dirty fight.

Both Kiki and Segun had been involved in getting justice for Seyitan. It seemed Kiki got Segun involved but as the case developed, Segun took a different stand and the bitterness must have caved in. The exchange of words is coming as Seyitan withdrew her petition against Dbanj while the Oliver twist crooner insisted he was going on with his defamation suit.

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Segun Awosanya is the arrow head and convener of #ENDSARS and has been at the fore front of bringing justice to persons brutalised by the police. Kiki Mordi, a victim of sexual harassment that prompted her to drop out of medicine from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, is an award winning investigative journalist. Kiki worked with the BBC Africa Eye to shoot a documentary in an under cover expedition that exposed some lecturers who engaged in sex for grades. The documentary which was released in 2019 exposed lecturers from the University of Lagos and University of Ghana. She partnered with an organisation Stand To End Rape, STER in attempting to seek justice for Seyitan. The entire encounter has been met with complexities and no one can actually know the truth of the matter.

The Tweet That Started The Dirty Fight

Kiki replied:”If you’re a man of your words @segalink then you should be able to follow through with your threats. This is literally the only thing I’ve been asking you for .You accuse me of sending threats to yourself and Seyitan. You also claim to be this on record.”

segun awosanya and kiki mordi

Kiki Mordi Side of the Story @kikimordi

“As a result of your tweets which you posted on your platform of over half a million followers I have been bullied, threatened and doxxed for the past (about) 24 hours with my credibility questioned all the while.”

“It is only decent that you share those records you claim to have. Either that or apologize and retract your statement. We live in a country governed by law and order.”

“That would mean that if you have irresponsibly and mischievously placed me in harm’s way, you’d have the law to answer to.”

Segun Awosanya’s Response @segalink

“You placed yourself in harms way by making this about you as it is your tradition in that coven. I’m not after anyone. I stand for justice, equity & fairness. Correcting your evil shouldn’t mean I hate you. I pray for your soul to find rest. You’re disturbed & needs intervention.We have so many referral centres we work with. STER is not one of them for obvious reasons and in this case they did not follow best practice in SARC referral neither did”
“Kiki follow best practice in journalism ethics, if she still wants to pretend this is journalism.Her stint with the BBC should have impressed on her their professional emphasis on a standard of conduct and practice. No need for her to use social media to try to obfuscate her lapses and poor choice of association. SIAF focuses on Police Reform in cases of social injustice – as I have suspected this was, when I was INVITED to intervene.”

“No intervention should cause further injustice to any party. Their refusal to listen to Seyitan’s position denied her of the justice she craves.Rather than protect Seyitan from further harm they send threats to her simply because she chose to stand for what is right against the interest of those seeking to profit from her pain. They used Kiki to bully her with the hope that she can endorse their falsehood for the money.”

segun awosanya and kiki mordi

Sega and Kiki Fans Reaction

Here is the reaction of their fans. I have produced just a few;

Kiki and Segun have distinguished themselves in their fight for human right. Kiki is an investigative journalist of repute and the Seyitan issue cannot be used to tarnish her image. Segun on his part is passionate about helping victims of police brutality and i respect him for that. However, Segun must understand that journalist approach things from a different eye and as an investigative one, they act as detectives. They are prone mistakes as well. Kiki never meant bad so i believe is Sega.

Sega ought to have acted with more maturity and know that certain things ought to be kept on the low. What he succeeded in doing to Kiki was paint her black before his fans and supporters without exhausting the channel of privacy which they shared. Its not every fight that is brought to the public.

This is not a time for activists to fight themselves as men of evil will be happy for the distraction. Sexual harassment and assault is on the rise and such public shameful quarrel among lime lights will only scare other victims from speaking up.

Besides, no one is considering what the Seyitan girl is going through. While we cannot tell whether it is true or nor, we must realise that the inability for someone to prove his/her case doesn’t make it untrue.

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