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BBNaija 2020: Laycon Begs Watoni To Give Him A Chance But She Chose Brighto Instead

BBNaija 2020 house got fun this morning when they gathered at almost 2 a.m to settle Laycon’s worries with Watoni. Laycon was unhappy that Watoni has been avoiding him. He said Watoni has refused to have up to a 30 minutes conversation with him.

According to Laycon, she feels he has an agenda and so does not want to talk to him.

“i think you are cute and i respect you. I honestly do try to get to you in another angle but to know you. it is my job to make you feel comfortable. There is no agenda in me trying to talk to you. If there is an agenda i will talk to you.” He said.

He was explaining to Brighto and that caught the attention of the rest of the house. Nengi said she hasn’t heard Brighto talk and the rest of the house joined them.

When he was asked to explain what agenda is, he said: “Agenda is that i like her and want to have something to do in the house.”

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Watoni however agreed he was comfortable and as at the time of signing off, the table has turned on Brighto as the fellow house mates insist he tells them what he feels for Watoni. He started to tell a story and i am off.

Well i came to discover that the housemates were heavily on Brighto to tell what he feels for Watoni else they won’t leave. He finally said he feels so so good about her. Nengi then asked if he would want to know her better and he said yes. So Brighto and Watoni would have just been matched and i am sure Ebuka would handle the rest tomorrow.

The BBNaija 2020 is sure getting interesting by the day. Perhaps the alcohol is changing the dyna,ics. Brighto danced with his shirts off at the party and has been more expressive after some drops of liquor.

Kiddwaya and Watoni had a 20 secs kids in a competition but that didn’t mean anything. Vee asked Waya if he enjoyed it and he said it was just a game.

For Laycon, he doesn’t seem courageous enough to state his feelings for Watoni. He is afraid of being rejected and Watoni is trying to protect him from one. She did admit it though. Truth is Laycon isn’t being honest about his feelings for Watoni and now he is angry with Brighto and i see a fight in front. I hope we don’t get there. Both are cool guys though.

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