BBNaija5: Ka3na Opens up On Her Broken Marriage, Daughter and Gov. Wike

Big Brother Naija Season 5 Housemate, Ka3na in an emotion laden discussion opened up on her broken marriage daughter and governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike. Ka3na, whose real name is Kate Jones is an Ogoni indigene of Rivers State and a single mother of one.

Brighto who hails from Edo State seemed to be in a get to know us session with Ka3na and asked personal questions. He wasn’t prepared for the answers he got and expressed his shock. I smelt a huge disappointment in his facial expression.

On Governor Wike she said: ” He is a strong man. He is very decisive. You can;t bend him. He is just doing everything he can do for his people. I love him and i am sure Rivers people love him.” She spoke about Governor;s Wike’s achievement on security and road construction,

On Age: ” I just feel like coming into the house was a way of celebrating my new age.” Brighto then asked how old she is and she said 27. He was shocked because according to him, he thought she is 23.

On Love and Marriage: She said she was married for a short while and got divorced. “I don;t think i have ever been in love . . . I can like you i can respect you and can be with you. . . Love is self sacrificing . . . I don’t know how to be committed. . . I like my space.”

Ka3na said her daughter is a year plus and celebrated her birthday on April 16th.

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Meanwhile many of the Housemates developed cracked voices from over talking. It seems there is competition on who talks the most or who can impress the audience the most.

Brighto and Oneil just got fined by Biggie for audio infringement at about 2:24 am.

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