Twitter hack: How Secured is the Internet?

Twitter Crypto Scam: How Secured is the Internet? – Part 1

 How secured is the internet? Are your data online secured? These and many more questions have always been asked by a few concerned persons. However, these questions are now being asked by a majority of internet users after Wednesday’s security bridge on Twitter.

 The world woke up to shock news of a direct hacking of micro-blog platform, Twitter. The attackers who are believed to be of Russian origin, selected accounts of prominent figures through which gullible individuals were scammed. Former president Barack Obama, 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee and former vice president, Joe Biden were affected. Others affected are Bill Gates, Kim Kardeshian, her husband Kanye West and a few others.

The hackers posted on their accounts requesting for bitcoins via given wallet addresses, promising to have them doubled. Within an hour before Twitter noticed the bridge and brought down the accounts, the hackers had scammed people of about $120,000.

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People are used to people hacking their individual accounts and having their identities stolen but not from the source. Internet users trust the internet and the capabilities of service providers that they never believed such would happen. The attack has however raised questions and mistrust.

The World is Not Perfect and has Never Been Safer

If you are asking how secured is the internet?, Take a drive back to the very beginning.

Firstly, from the early times of the world’s creation, there has been a battle between the forces of good and evil. The world was made perfect but there came the devil. My Bible teaches me that Satan as his names implies, has always slandered God and opposes his laws and principles. If God says this is green, Satan would say it is yellow.

Secondly, from generation to generation, there have always been many who had profited from evil acts and gains. Some of them carry out their evil acts to meet up with a life of luxury while some do it for the fun of it or to damage the reputation and progress of a competitor.

So if we expect a perfect society, then we are not in this world. We must realize that there will always be bridges by evil persons. All we got to do is to always be on guard but expect the worst out of this world.

I tell some persons that we could wake up one day and discover the internet has crashed. They argue that it is not possible. They believe so much in the perfection of the internet. We trust our data security to service providers so much that we seem to give up so much of our data to be secured online.

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I do not pray we get there but we should anticipate for the worst and work towards innovative processes to either avert that or to cushion the effect should it ever happen.

Secure Your Account

The cyber-attack is not an indictment on Twitter as it can happen to any internet service provider or company. As a result of the attack, it is obvious Twitter and others would update their security protocols.

On your part as a user, do well to follow up on security features of any platform you register on. Do not just stop on opening an account and start socializing. Activate two way verification features. Change your passwords as often as possible. If you open your accounts on a friend’s device ensure not to save passwords and ensure you log out.

This is a series of three parts. The second part will deal with the danger Nigerian cyber criminals pose to Nigeria and the world. The concluding part will deal on how safe is electronic voting and storing of sensitive national security data.

 So how secured is the internet to you? Let me get your opinion. Your comment will be highly appreciated.

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Good message

This is a good reminder .. I failed to secure my Facebook ND it was hacked but I learnt my lesson


Good message

This is a good reminder .. I failed to secure my Facebook ND it was hacked but I learnt my lesson


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