Nigerians Vent Anger Over Fake Segalink Twitter Handle

Nigerians Vent Anger Over Fake Segalink Twitter Handle

Nigerians took to twitter yesterday to vent anger over a fake segalink Twitter handle. Segun Awosanya is a social media influencer and a popular figure on Twittter.

Segun uses the handle @segalink on the micro-blogging platform and notable for his Human Right Activism. He has been at the fore front of fighting for Nigerian youths over harassment from men of the Nigerian Police Force.

He seems to also have a good working relationship with the police authority. And his rescue of some youths have been successful over time. As a result, victims of police brutality and extortion are quick to tag him on twitter and he responds with speed.

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However, there was anger yesterday when Segun Awosanya alerted his over 500 followers off a fake account. The person is using a handle to mislead his followers and direct them to his account. The impersonator uses segalink with an underscore @sega_link.

Awosanya tweeted while attaching a screenshot of the fake account, calling for the account to be reported:

“Whosoever you are, this is criminal. Kindly report this handle for impersonation and identity theft.”

The fake account opened in July 2020 has just 66 follwers. He seems to be following @segalink as well.

Reactions That Followed

Many of Awosanya’s followers vented their anger calling for the impersonator to remove the handle. some called for support to get Twitter to verify @segalink.

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Verifying accounts does not stop these fraudsters.

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