Nigerian Police Force Debunks Shutdown of IRT and STS

The Nigerian Police Force debunks shutdown of IRT and STS. It stated this through its spokesman DCP Frank Mba who debunked the news which circulated three days ago on various Nigerian news outlets and the social media that the Intelligence Response Team led by award winning super cop DCP Abba Kyari and Special Tactical Squad led by DCP Yusuf Kolo have been shutdown.

Some of the news media circulated a signal from the police headquarters, ordering the disbandment of all satellite offices of the two special units of the Nigerian Police Force. The Nigerian Police Force while debunking the shutdown of IRT and STS said it was rather a reform and reorganisation that is going on.

Frank Mba spoke yesterday on a TVC News discussion programme, Journalist Hangout. He however admitted to receiving allegations of misconduct among its men and found some of them to be true after investigations.

Below is a transcript by NaijaSpleen on DCP Frank Mba’s response:

 JH: Set the record straight on the shutdown of IRS and STS offices across the country by the inspector general of police.

“The outcry and criticisms that have trailed the action of the inspector general of police and his management team originates largely from a lack of understanding of what the inspector general of police is doing. And I will try to put it in proper perspective. What is going on within the Intelligent Response Team, IRT and the Special Tactical Squad, STS is purely  a reform and reorganization, aimed at re engineering a sense of efficiency and effectiveness within the two specialized units.”

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“. . . Same operational  sources and also enthroning respect for rule of law and human right of Nigerians and also the deployment of resources in areas were they are needed most.”

“IRT is not being closed down, STS is not being closed down. As a matter of fact we will be establishing more of these units, more of their offices in some states. States that are located within the north west, the north east and the north central, those states where their activities are more needed for now.”

“I want to also respectively suggest that we change the narrative. From the rationale behind the shutdown of STS and IRT, to the rationale behind the reform. And reorganisation in STS and IRT. Because actually that is what is happening. There is no shutdown and we need to make that very clear to Nigerians to understand that what is happening is a reorganisation. A purpose drive reform taking place within the IRT and STS.

The way the IRS and STS are currently established all across the country makes them to be thinly spread all across the country. That approach is untactical. It is unhealthy. It is unsustenable. That particular approach breeds inefficiency. It gives room for misconduct of men. It gives room for corruption to thrive, It creates wastage and it provides ground for inadequate supervision of the men. And these are the mischief we are trying to address and remedy. And so what we are doing  is reorganisiing the IRT and STS to have a very compact, a very fluid, a unit that can respond very quickly. . . and well equipped. . . and well motivated. A unit that will be purposeful, intelligent driven and target oriented.

JH: Are you saying  there has been allegation and accusations  of misconduct against the IRT and STS?

“Not just that. There are allegations of misconduct against them. We have equally investigated some of those allegations and those allegations are clearly established. I mean that is part of human nature. The inspector generaal of police, IGP Mohammed Adamu will not sit back  idly without taking concrete steps to readdress that. If we don’t do that, we will get a situation tomorrow and see Nigerians carrying placards to end IRT or end STS. We don’t want to get to that. We are being proactive. And we are taking the bull by the horn and carrying out an in house cleaning. And repositioning of these two units which are very important and very dear to us.”

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“When I hear some people criticize the actions of the IG and remind the inspector general of police of the achievements of these two units, I smile because the IG understands relevance, the importance and the tactical importance of these two units. And  I say very respectfully that nobody can be more catholic than the pope. The pope is the embodiment of catechism. The inspector general of police wears the shoe. He knows were it itches. We will work together with all  Nigerians including those of you in the studio to make sure that IRT and STS remain the envy  of everybody.”

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