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Keeping Hope Alive in A Bleak World

In a world full of uncertainties, it is hard to keep hope alive. Hope is what keeps people no matter their means going. This generation has never seen hard times and bad news as they are seeing today.

Economies have been bad with joblessness and pestilence in so many parts of the world. Many nations are plagued with wars and bad leadership but hope for better days had sustained the people.

Some countries with good economy and leadership suffer problems of under population and insufficient skilled labour. They make up by making their immigration policies welcoming for skilled labour needed for their growth and development.

As a result many weak nations lose their best brains in what is described as brain drain and to the immigrants; their hope is kept alive once again.

While the people of the world strike to keep hope alive, they are hit by the novel corona virus. The resultant effect of deaths, hospilisations, deaths, the lock downs and loss of jobs and livelihood has turned the world to become bleak.

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Nations have been locked down since March and while some are beginning to open small by small, most are confused as to what to do and there have been policy somersaults and reversals. Corrupt leaderships have taken advantage of the spread of the virus to drain their nations resources for selfish interests.

Funds meant to use to curb the virus are diverted to their private accounts while making effort to convince their citizens that they cannot subsidize their livings. They steal away their freedom and use the opportunity for further oppression and an excuse to shut off freedom of speech and association.

Meanwhile their friends and immediate family members live a life of luxury and still move around within and outside their states and countries.  They have no intentions of taking serious innovative ways of solving the problems brought by the corona virus. They prefer the lock downs to continue so they  could continue to plunder their countries resources.

The media isn’t even helping matters as they take advantage of the gullibility of the masses to bombard the people with news stories full of bad news. Of course bad news is what sells and the press has just been given a golden opportunity to make profit from the bad news coronavirus brought to man. Media organisations compete with one another in reporting cases of deaths.

As at 3:40 pm of July 2020, the John Hopkins University data on confirmed coronavirus cases stands at 13,135,616 globally with 573,835 deaths recorded. About 7,27 million persons have recovered.

The painful part of the reportage from media houses and bloggers is that they report more of the fatalities than the survivals. In reality over half of the reported confirmed cases have been discharged while another good number are still receiving treatment. However that makes no news headline. Fear sells indeed.

How People Can Cope

It is said that when there is hope there is alive. That word remains true today. People must keep hope alive and never give up in their effort to survive.

People can cope with whatever life brings to them. Although, it is easier said than done but what is life without hope? We must understand that we are in best positions to help ourselves out of any situations. Helping yourself out of a situation involves taken charge of your mental health.

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Without a sound mental health, people can’t take charge of their lives. While it is the primary responsibility for the government to provide for its citizens, the people must learn to manage their lives when they are overshadowed by government. They must realize there is time for everything under the sun. Governments will come and governments will go as nothing lasts forever.

Learning New Skills

Coronavirus pandemic has ushered the world into a new era and the world will soon get used to the new normal. We must realize that there is nothing like job security anywhere in the world and things can change at any time.

The world is in a stage where not just mental life skills matter but what you can do with your hands. Be creative and innovative and be a solution provider to people around and far away from you.  No matter your age or level of education, you have to learn a new skill that would bring income to you.

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Look around you and see what people could need and learn to provide it. Skills might also be ICT based. In fact almost everything is being sorted out online and you could take advantage of the lock downs or job loss to learn skills online that could require nothing much than internet browsing data and your time.

Make New Friends

Rather than being lonely and depressed, make new friends. Make friends that would add value to your life. At this time, we need wise friends and ones that benefit shall be mutual. You should be a friend if you want someone to be your friend.

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This is not time to have friends for gossip or ones that you go for a drink with. Not that I am saying that is wrong, but we are in a time that can be likened to a war time and so need friends that we can survive along with.

What I am saying is that we need friends that can save us and we can save as well if and when the opportunity comes.

Never Give Up and Keep Hope Alive

We always hear people say Never Give Up. Now is the time to take that word seriously at heart. Be proud of the person you are if your lifestyle is not poisonous to you and others around you. Do not let people set standard for you. Do not measure your life by the standard of others but by what is right.

Follow your heart and keep hope alive. Add value to your community and always take the initiative to be of help to your neighbours. Your neighbor is anyone next to you wherever you find yourself.

Most importantly, be happy. Make yourself happy as much as you can.  Love yourself for that is your primary source of happiness.

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