Moonlight Art

Meet Don ‘Moonlight Art’ Eseagwu And His Works

My name is Don Okuchukwu Eseagwu, popularly known as Moonlight art. am from Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta state. I am a graduate agriculture from the University of Benin. I am a surrealistic conceptual artist, who majors basically on pastels and charcoal drawings.

 Art has been my passion despite the fact I didn’t study it in school. I have participated in several group exhibitions in Nigeria such as beats and strings, resurgence of expression, Limcaf, etc.

My artistic style is meant to impose demand for questions of identity because I try to conceal the identity of my models. My medium helps to give me this freedom to express myself in the most miniature areas. Thus my art tends to give a deeper relationship between nature and man. All of my works have a story behind them and poems too


I started drawing at a very early age and since childhood drawing has been my passion but I didn’t want to study it in school until I got into the University and saw people making money from art and it really inspired me to work on myself and self-improve. I started commercially around 2012 and since then it has been God’s grace that keeps driving me.

My inspiration comes from beauty and nature because anything that catches my utmost attention I tend to put it down in drawing plus I have a very wide imagination and ideas flows in every time

moonlight art
“Traumatized “

She was raped, violated, abused
and molested at a very tender age
but now she has grown into a beautiful woman
but yet her past experiences still haunts her..
She will throw down a tear when ever she remembers
the past horrors she has been through.
moonlight art
“Agony of a nation”
The people are in Agony.
They’re in continuous sufferings Deceived by a Government which is phony
Their taxes were their offerings
In blindness they are shrouded
Even though they can make their decisions
Their opinions haven’t been heeded
So soon they shall take actions
They shall soon protest A revolution with zest
moonlight art

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