Hushpuppi extradited to US

Hushpuppi’s Last Words Before His Arrest By Dubai Police

The arrest of Nigerian celebrity internet fraudster and Instagram influencer, Hushpuppi raised a lot of dust across the globe and the revelation of his scamming over 1.9 million victims across the world shocked a lot of people.

The exact date of his arrest is not known but the Dubai police working with the American crime agency, FBI announced to the world on June 10 that Hushpuppi has been arrested for ventilator scam worth over $35 million dollars. It later revealed luxury items like cars, wrist watches, etc, and cash worth billions of naira in an operation the Dubai police tagged ‘Fox Hunt 2″

However the last words from Hushpuppi to his fans on Instagram was a post on his verified Instagram account @HUSHPUPPI displaying a 2021 white RollsRoyce Cullinan wey worth ova $320,000.

He said ” May success and prosperity not be a once upon a time story in your life. Thank you lord for the many blessings in my life. Continue to shame those waiting for me to be shamed.

Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi
Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi 2021 RollsRoyce white cullinan

Four days later, it was Hushppi that was shamed with his arrest that made international news headline.

How His Follwers Reacted to the post

After his arrest, reafctions took a twist on his post and people continue to visit and shame him while some still give him their support including celebrities and verified accounts.

An instagram user im_de_braider queried those saying a common word from internet fraudsters that what they are getting back is stolen money foreigners got from Africa and asked which African or Nigerian village Hushpuppi helped with his money. He cursed the dude for eating the money alone.

Faustojimenes said instead of being mad at the scammer people should be mad at the governments and politicians scamming the people right at their faces.


Verified accounts showing support.

His True Identity

Hushpuppi’s true identity is vague as he never revealed his age or state of origin or real names. He has numerous Facebook accounts where he uses the name Raymond Hushpuppy, he said to be from Nsukka and lives in Enugu having graduated from Imo State University Owerri.

Most if not all of the accounts might be fake as in his Instagram profile, he claims not to be in any social network apart from Instagram.

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He is known by Ray Hushpuppy, Raymond Abbas, Hushpuppi. However the Dubai Police has revealed his real names to be Ramoni Igbalode. Ramoni Igbalode is a Yoruba name from South West Nigeria.

His date of birth is not known apart from the day, June 24 but he could be in his 30s.

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