My rot Bekky and her pups in 2017

How to Make Money With Your Pet Dog

In time past, people keep dogs as security and there are lot different security breeds of dogs. However, keeping dogs as pets have been growing among many persons especially the younger generation.

  Many persons like pets and dogs are the most common pets you find in homes.  I have not lived without a dog for the past 15 years.  They have become a much part of me and had helped me in coping with depression.

I communicate with my dogs like they are humans and they act alike. My dogs have so much understanding of English and pidgin and their response to my conversations and discipline amaze my neighbours and friends that many end up getting their own pet dogs.

Keeping and maintaining a pet dog can be really expensive. They have to be well fed as they are not allowed to scavenge for food and even If they do, they wouldn’t get enough and would probably fall ill and possibly die.

 Maintaining your pet’s health can be expensive starting from immunization which is in four stages once the dog attains 6 weeks old.  Pets are prone to pick stuffs from the ground and can contract viruses of which some are deadly and it cost a lot to get them well.

My Lhasa Apsos Law and Lucia

How do you cope then? Should you be discouraged to own a pet because of the cost of bringing up one? That shouldn’t be. Your pet can contribute to the family’s income as a member of such family.

When humans bring forth babies to the world, they take care of them until they are of age to contribute to the family and take care of their family when they are of age to. So it is with pet dogs.


A female dog or bitch can produce as much as 8 to 9 puppies and that would be a lot of money depending on the breed and how much you desire to sell them.

Most people especially friends and family members would always ask to get one for free but showed no interest in the upbringing of the dog. It’s your decision whether to gift it or have them pay for it, but remember you need money for the up keep of the mother dog.

A bitch as a female dog is called comes on its first heat at 6 months of age and it reoccurs every 6 months. The heat is just as the menstrual flow in a female human. In humans, the menstrual flow indicates no pregnancy so the inner walls of the womb which was prepared for a baby washes away but for dogs, it is an indication the bitch is ready to be mated.

The heat would last for about 21 days. Initially the blood will be thick and red  but gets lighter as the days go. At about the 9th day the blood would have turned very light and pink. That is the ovulation stage and the beach has to be mated by a male dog between then and the 14th day.

Pups from my GSD Robin in 2012

A dog can get pregnant after the first mating but better to mate up to four times within the ovulation stage. If a dog’s eggs are fertilized, there is the likelihood that the blood will stop flowing, if not the dog could have the flow in the flow duration of 21 days. There is however rare situations where some bitches still have a flow after fertilization have occurred.

One sign to know your beach is about to enter her heat of flow stage is when she starts licking her vulva more often than ever. It could take one to two weeks after to go on heat. And when the heat starts the vulva will be swollen and be seen prominently from behind indicating mating can take place. Mating before or after ovulation will result in no pregnancy.

It is not advisable to mate your beach at 6 months old on her first heat. It would be like making a 10 or 11 year old girl get pregnant because she has started seeing her menses. The body is not ready for child bearing. Wait until the beach is 12 to 18 months old.


Just like a bitch, a male dog is ready to mate a female dog when he attains 12 to 18 months. Anything earlier than that might not work as his sperm might not have been developed enough to impregnate a beach.

A male dog can only mate a female dog on heat. A responsible male dog would endure to mate only when the female has entered the ovulation stage. How would he know?

The male tongue is like a testing lab and that is why it would always lick the female’s blood for testing. While we humans only know by the change in colour and density of the blood. A bitch that knows herself would resist a male until she is in ovulation.


To have your bitch mated would cost about ten thousand naira and a puppy when the dog produces. So it’s a win-win for both the owner of the beach and the male.

Some persons do not know they can make as much money on a male dog as much as a female one. The female would likely produce every six months but the male can mate twice or thrice a month and you can estimate the number of pups you would get and sell apart from the cash deposit made.

On a future post, I would be discussing on post-natal and anti-natal care of your dogs and puppies.

If you have any questions or addition to make to the above subject, feel free to leave a comment behind.

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