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How to make Home Made Bean Cakes (Akara and Moi Moi)

Akara and moi moi were a delicacy in Nigerian daily menu. That was days before recent years populated with what we call indomie generation or millenials as put more conventional.

Although not as popular as the olden days these still sell especially moi moi. Akara is fried and sold in the streets while moi moi is sold in restaurants.

Instaed of buying from the outside where you are not sure of the hygienic process, it is best to make them at home. This is good for students away from home too as your meal will be healthy and more nutritious.

moi moi with pap
moi moi with pap

Beans Preparation

To make them, the beans is soaked on water and the skin of the beans removed.

Next blend the beans at home or best to take it to a bigger engine for better smooth touch.

This days, it is easier and best with beans flour that are found in shops. You can also make your beans flour by blending them at blending shops at the local market.

Mixing and Ingredients

Akara: Add blended onions or sliced onions. Blended is more preferable. The sweetness of your akara depends largely on the quantity of onions you put. But remember, too much of everything is bad.

Add a little quantity of salt and pepper if desirable. Add an egg for a different mouth feel.

Add a little water and stir for a while.

Heat the oil and start placing your scoops. it doesn’t have to be too hot else you would have a burnt yet undone output.regulate heat from time to time. If it is too low, the akara is likely to absorb too much oil.

Moi Moi: moi moi is a kind of food mold. Do not add too much water although it requires more water than the akara.

Blend the beans together with onions, fresh tomato, and crayfish or separately if beans flour.

You can add pieces of smoked fish, geisha, corned beef or boiled egg.

scoop into small tinned plates or a transparent water proof bag. Scoop in small quantities so that it can cook very well and faster. You can also use leaf wraps for it and that makes it even traditionally tastier.

akara and bread
akara and bread

Ready to Serve?

If you bean cakes are ready to serve, it is best taken along with pap (Akamu, Ogi), soaked garri or with bread (A & B)

they can be eaten as a meal on its own without any other food.

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