Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Now 10 Millionth

The confirmed cases of people infected with corona virus has hit the 10 millionthg mark the Johns Hopkins University that have been on the lead in collating data on the covid-19 world wide reported on his website.

The total global confirmed cases is now 10,001,527 and the total death recorded to be 499,124. Of the figure, 5,022,145 which makes about half the confirmed cases as recovered. The United states lead the global figures with about 2.5 million cases and over 125 thousand deaths reported.

Top !0 Countries as reported by Johns Hopkins University

2,510,323 US
1,313,667 Brazil
633,542 Russia
528,859 India
311,727 United Kingdom
275,989 Peru
267,766 Chile
248,469 Spain
240,136 Italy
220,180 Iran

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In Africa, South Africa leads the table with over a hundred confirmed cases.

131,800 South Africa
63,923 Egypt
24,077 Nigeria
16,431 Ghana
12,968 Algeria
12,592 Cameroon
11,986 Morocco
9,257 Sudan
8,944 Cote d’Ivoire
6,690 Congo (Kinshasa)

Nigeria recorded , The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control NCDC on its social media platform announced 779 new cases as at 27 June 2020 with Lagos the epicentre having as high as 285 cases others are; Rivers-68 FCT-60 Edo-60 Enugu-56 Delta-47 Ebonyi-42 Oyo-41.

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