COVID-19: Nigeria record 594 New Cases As Task Force Chief calls for Lock Down

 COVID-19: Nigeria record 594 New Cases As Task Force Chief calls for Lock Down

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC via its twitter handle @NCDCgov on its daily release has announced a total of 594 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections.

This brings to 22, 614 confirmed cases with 7, 822 discharged and 549 deaths.

Former Oyp State Governor Ajimobi dies of Covid-19 complications

The former Oyo State governor, Abiola Ajimobi has died of corona virus complications. He died on Thursday at the First Cardiologist Consultant Hospital. That was the same hospital the late chief of staff to president Buhari passed on.

Below is a state by stae figure of the confirmed caswes as at 25 June 2019
Lagos-159 Delta-106 Ondo-44 FCT-34 Edo-34 Oyo-33 Kaduna-33 Enugu-28 Katsina-25 Imo-22 Adamawa-15 Ogun-12 Osun-11 Abia-8 Rivers-6 Nasarawa-5 Bauchi-5 Niger-5 Kebbi-4 Ekiti-3 Plateau-1 Taraba-1

PTF Chairman calls for Lockdown

The chairman of the presidential Task Force on Covid-19, Boss Mustapha at Thursday 25 June 2020 briefing says the time to lock down Nigeria is now, He was speaking against the back drop of the exponential increase in the cases of the cirus in the country.

“This is the time to lock down if it were within my power, this is the time to lock down because I can see the attitude of people romancing with COVID-19. The daily increase in confirmed cases, the federal government feels a sense of frustration because we can see glaring the danger ahead and you can see the level of recklessness on the part of people who should know better.”

His statement has cast a dark cloud around the possible opening up of the country including interstate movements and schools which is expected to be announced at the end of the monthy.

Whether this will affect the forth coming decision would be seen in a country where over 90 percent of its 200 million population is reported to leave below the poverty line. The governments fear public uprising as they have not given stimulus packages to a greater number of the population with doubts cast on the reported palliatives to the poorest of the poor.

Many state governments are already opening up their states. They even look the other way round on the inter states movement and giving mere threats for the sake of it.

When Mustapha said the lock down should be now one would ask what has it been. The lock down was for the poor and still is as the rich, government officials and their family members travel freely across the country and to international destinations.

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