The Stepman met with handsome Nigerian born model, Ifeanyi Amolo who seems to be shaking things up within his space and making a statement on the runway.Ifeanyi (Instagram @Efine_d.m)is a graduate from The University of Benin, spoke about the challenges male models face and what he does to keep fit for the tough job. He also took us through fashion trends among males in Nigeria. I bet you would have no boring moment. 

The Stepupman: What are the challenges of male models? 

Ifeanyi Amolo: The challenges of male models is having to compete to get a spotlight. As we know, females makes a majority in the modeling industry and this makes male models find it very difficult to get a spotlight in the industry.

The Stepupman:  How do you manage your diet to keep fit and slim as required by the modeling industry? 

Ifeanyi Amolo: Managing diet and keeping fit as a model is very demanding which means you have to pay the price if you really want to go into the modelling industry. First as a model you need to have an idea of the aspect of modeling you want to go into as that would guide you through your diet and fitness management program. For instance a runway models would need to keep slim by burning fats and taking low carbohydrate content food just to look good unlike a fitness model who needs to bulk up by adding extra pounds. I am a runway and commercial model so i would workout mornings and evenings three times a week to keep my body in shape while i reduce my carbohydrate intake.

The Stepupman: Africa meals are full of carbohydrates and protein that makes most people over weight. How do you cope with that?

 Ifeanyi Amolo:  Yes, Africans meals are full of carbohydrate and protein. Due to the effects of this, i take more of fruits which has more benefits to the skin as a model than carbohydrates/protein.

The Stepupman:  We are getting into the rainy season. What fashion style is most fitting for the season?

Ifeanyi Amolo: Fashion style most fitting for the rainy seasons are hoodie on jean and a pair of hightop sneakers, jacket with a inner polo on jean and pair of boots to avoid the legs getting wet. While for the females, sweatshirt on jean with a pair of sneaker

The Stepupman: What’s the  fashion style  trend for males? 
Ifeanyi Amolo: The fashion style trend for males are leather jacket on jean with a pair of boot, complete piece suit on a pair of oxford brogues, a muscle shirt on short and sneakers/ tennis.

The Stepupman:  Do you think Africa should adopt it’s own corporate wear for offices reflecting Africa fabric? 

Ifeanyi Amolo: Africa adopting it’s own style of fusing African prints into corporate wear is a bold step and shows how much fashion is evolving in Africa. So yes, i think Africa should.

The Stepupman:  In the past, putting on a western shirt on native trouser will be odd, but today it seems to be a trend. What do you think?

Ifeanyi Amolo: It’s a trend and a bold step in fashion revealing how much the African prints is now seen as equal to the western fabrics and not of less value.

The Stepupman:  What’s always on your mind when you are on the run way?

Ifeanyi Amolo: Lol, whenever i am on the runway i just tell myself it’s not about me but about the clothe design or accessories i have on me so i do my best to sell it out well.

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