A fire
fighter is a person who fights fire not for fun but as a career. He responds
with his team to distress call of a fire outbreak. Apart from fire incidences,
he is called upon in rescue missions when people are trapped in caves, wells,
in snows and even during flood disasters. This is because his training gives
him the tenacity to handle difficult such complex and complicated scenarios.

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A man must
develop the qualities and tenacity of a fire fighter to handle his home and
financial and economic fires could erupt at any time in a relationship caused
by any of the party and as a step up man you must step up to the occasion and
put out that fire.
When that
occurs that would not be the time to try to find out why and who caused the
fire outbreak. As a fire fighter, do not panic, be calm and try to approach
issues with a sincere outward attitude of really wanting to resolve the issues.
That would give your partner an assurance and make him or her willing to
respond positively to making things right.
Once that is
achieved and everyone is out of harm’s way, trace the root of the fire and
direct your water mixed with the right component (attitude, approach) to that
zone and get it quenched.

There would
certainly be damages, minor or major after a fire incident and recovery takes
some times. So a good fire fighter would give the victims of the fire a
comforting reassurance that all will be well and just a matter of time, there
will be replacement and that the ‘Insurance’ (his love and commitment) is
intact and trustworthy to make everything okay and recovery heartwarming.

Life after a
fire incident might never be the same but a new chapter can be opened after a troubled
incident in a relationship. Our imperfection can always be managed for a better
and peaceful relationship.

Remember to
have the victim come to an understanding of the root cause of the fire and work
out suggestions to avoid future fire and as a goof fire fighter don’t forget to
lay out ways to prevent or checkmate a fire incident and make it clear that
anyone can ignite a fire and so the warning signs should be there before it

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