The Step Up Man

 The Step Up Man

The step up man is that man who wakes up every morning sure of what he wants and where to get it.
He knows the underlying meaning of responsibility and takes it seriously. He never gives excuses for failures but takes prudent steps to making wrongs right.

The step up man knows how to take care of himself and his loved ones. He puts the needs of others ahead of his but yet pays attention to his needs dutifully.

The step up man makes effort to be gay every hour and ensures there are smiles on the faces of people around him.
He is full of self esteem and is proud but not arrogant.

He is willing to volunteer his time and energy for the good course of humanity.

The step up man loves nature and takes care of what it brings to him. He stays healthy and enjoys the good life brings.

He lives his life and not that of others. He loves what he does and follows through with passion.

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