Two years after he got his job, Jide was promoted to the post of GM, projects and was given an official car with a driver attached. A new employee, Mabel was assigned to him as his secretary. Mabel had an extraordinary beauty, so that she was a subject of hot gossip among her colleagues. It was even said that she possessed an evil water spirit. Even though Mabel was aware of gossip around, she pretended not to be concerned. She was focused on her job and would do anything not to get distracted, she rarely made mistakes. Jide was fond of Mabel but it never crossed his mind to develop an emotional feeling for her until a day when they had to work into the night. The next day happened to be the deadline for submission of a proposal and structural design of a mega project Jide’s company was handling and his boss would take no excuses if he failed to get the job done before he leaves for the day. The job was completed at about 9pm and Jide offered to drop Mabel at the safest bus stop to her home. When they got to the bus stop, she told him she was scared to walk down the street alone.
“Besides, motor bikes no longer move around after 7pm due to a ban on their movement at nights to curb crime”. She said
When the car got to Mabel’s gate, she pleaded with Jide to come in for a cup of coffee.
“Just a cup of coffee” she said.
“Look…my wife”. Jide responded but was quickly interrupted by Mabel.
She said to him “I know about you wife. I don’t mean to flirt with you. At least this is an opportunity for you to know my house. No offence meant, suppose something happens to me and you don’t find me in the office, how would you locate me. Anyway don’t mind I’m not significant. Good night.”
“It’s okay” Jide said
“I hope you’ll make it fast.” He added.
Mabel served Jide the coffee and excused Jide so that she could change into something else. Jide never bargained for what he saw when she came out wearing only a pant with nothing covering her breast. Jide was in shock. His mouth was agape. He became still as if in coma. She was simply irresistible.
Suddenly, he felt his blood flow at a great speed. His heart beat was so fast that he felt it could shoot out from his body. Jide could feel his hard erection.
Mabel walked up to him, sat on the table in front of him. She knew she was in charge now and was not ready to trade that for anything less. She reached for his hand and felt his temperature.
She exclaimed, “Honey, you’re hot!”
At this point, he could no longer control his emotions. He drew her close to himself and buried his mouth into hers. And suddenly he went after her like a male dog that was denied a female dog all its life.
When Jide went home, his wife was not worried about his coming home at that hour because he had called from his office, and had called from Mabel’s apartment saying he was still in the office. What she could not understand was his sad look. She didn’t know it was a look of guilt. He wanted to tell her the truth. He wanted to ask for her forgiveness, at the same time he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He was afraid to lose not only her trust but their marriage as well.
“My love, could anything have gone wrong in the office” she enquired.
“Look Jite…Jite, I’m just tired. That’s all.”
“You must be hungry.”
“Yes my love but think I lost my appetite. A glass of juice will be okay for the night.”
It was strange. This is the first time he has rejected her food. But she had to let it go.
Six months into his relationship with Mabel, Jide decided it was time to bring the affair to an end as his wife was beginning to question his unusual behaviours and frequent trips for so-called business meetings. Mabel threatened to reveal everything to his wife. Jide had to cut a deal with her. He bought her a brand new Picanto car. He bought her two plots of land and built a bungalow on it for her. He also got her a new job, just to get her out of his sight and life.
When his wife questioned the huge withdrawals from his accounts, he claimed he was duped in a business deal that never materialized.
“So why did you keep it away from me?’ she asked.
“Look Jite I was afraid you won’t support it.” He replied
“How could you have known? I’m your wife for goodness sake.”
“Baby I’m sorry”
Again she let it go. She just smiled it off.
Jide took his annual leave from work and traveled with his family to Cuba on a two weeks vacation.
Six months later, Jide was the guest speaker at a lecture organized by the Lagos and Rivers state governments in conjunction with the federal ministry of Housing and Urban Development, to proffer solution to the constant collapse of storey buildings that has plagued the two states in recent months. The lecture was held in Abuja, at the prestigious ECOWAS conference centre.
At the end of the lecture, a group of journalist approached Jide for an interview. A female reporter asked him if he supports the opinion that the government is solely responsible for the collapse buildings.
Jide looked at her in shock. He was not shocked by the question, but because he could recognize her. She was Natasha. He never imagined he would ever set his eyes on her again, besides she studied marketing at the university. He was brought back to his consciousness by a male reporter.
“Sir, could you respond to the last question?’
“No. It is a collective responsibility. The government as represented by the ministry inspectors, the owners of the buildings, and our society whose moral fibers have been deeply eaten by corruption and dishonest gains. It is very disheartening to see that greed has blinded our eyes, so that human life now has zero value. I think that’s all I can take for now. Thank you, gentle men and ladies of the press.’
He left for his car after exchanging pleasantries with some guests. As he was about to drive out of the parking lodge, a  cream Prado jeep drove down  and blocked his way. He recognized the occupant. She was Natasha. Jide giggled as he watched her come down from her car. After his experience with Mabel, he had vowed not to cheat on his wife again. That aside, Natasha was a bad memory as long as he is concerned. He eventually came down from his car to meet her.
“Hello boyfriend”
“Hi. Natasha. I was actually surprised to see you.”
“I could see that in your eyes.”
“More surprised that you’re a journalist.”
“Really?’ she said.
“So, how come?’ Jide asked
‘Actually I had a diploma in journalism after my NYSC in Lagos. I worked briefly With AIT as a newscaster before I got this job with BBC as a senior correspondent for the Lagos office.”
She further explained to him that her being at the lecture was simply a coincidence, although she had seen his name on the IV as the guest speaker.
“Are you married?’ Jide asked
“Not really…” she said
“What do you mean by that?’ he asked
“Look Jide I don’t discuss my personal matters with people.”
“So then I got business to take care of, I wish you well.’ He told her as he made his way to his car.
“where are you headed to?’ she asked
“To the hotel where I lodged.”
“Which one in particular?’
‘Protea Exclusive”
“At Asokoro?”
“Yes. I have to leave now”
“Thanks any way.” she told him
Jide watched her drive off wishing he could’ve been nicer to her. Well he thought,” good riddance.”
AUTHOR’S NOTE/WARNING: ‘Deepest Wound’ is an unpublished novel of the Founder/Blogger of NaijaSpleen. I will publish the first three chapters in parts here over the next four weeks for your reading pleasure.
Please you are not allowed to make a print out or download  and reblogging of the publication. DO NOT save any part of it. 
I will be most grateful to you if you respect this.

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