Journalism/Blogging of truth and fact


Journalism/Blogging of truth and fact is a concerned issue at a time when investigative reporting is going extinct. As a result of the popularity of social media platforms, almost everybody has become a reporter.

Professional news reporters have become lazy in going out to get authentic stories. They depend on reports from social media handlers and rarely make effort to verify the source. It is some times understandable because most of the media houses do not pay sufficient salaries. The transport allowances are poor too and as a result of this they depend on shared news.

Another factor is that news and events are readily as eye witnesses capture them as they occur. Smartphones play a major role here.

I came across a quote some time ago but can’t remember the name of the author. It says “People who don’t read Newspapers are foolish and those who believe everything they read are more foolish”.

This is true as Newspapers and magazines provide us with vital information concerning the happenings around our society. They cover everything cover-able under the sun from sports news to Business.

From politics to health, among others. With the affordability of mobile browsing phones, the internet has provided a faster and wider availability to many persons making the world a global village.

Virtually all Newspapers and Magazines are now online and are battling from relevance and space with Bloggers who are now the focus of attraction from numerous young Nigerians.

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If you must have observed, most people believe whatever they read online or in the conventional Newspapers and magazines. It is imperative that we train our perceptive power to be able to separate truth from lies and from half-truths. It is not everything you read from certain blogs or newspapers that could be true. Just like in the world out there, some people just report things from hearsay.
Some people take fun in fabricating stories to draw attention and become popular. Some get brown envelopes to report false stories so as to tarnish the image of another.

The aim of this article is to enjoin all journalist and bloggers to report news/stories that are true and factual. It is painful to use your medium to write make-up stories that will end up causing pains to others. It is more painful to betray the trust readers have bestowed on you. Even judges in law courts admit Newspaper reports as exhibits and that should demonstrate the seriousness of your chosen career/passion.

Note: This post would be reviewed, extended and concluded perhaps over the weekend.

Updated (19/07/2020): This post was written while in the custody of an agency of the Nigerian Police SARS Okwuzu.

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