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Renowned writer and community leader in Aluu, Elechi Amadi has condemned the killings of the UNIPORT Four. He, however, insisted that the incident had nothing to do with the indigenes of Aluu.

“We condemn the spilling of blood but the incident has nothing to do with indigenes of Aluu. All the suspects paraded by the police are non-indigenes. People of Aluu have been demonised. We call on security operative to police the environment.” He said.

Isn’t this funny. So the traditional ruler is also a non- indigene. Elechi Amadi needs to cross check his facts correctly. True not all are Aluu indigenes but it was done with the approval of the community and the erlier they accept responsibility, the better. Even if all were to be non _ indigenes, how on earth will you allow your land be desecrated by strangers.

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Captain Elechi Amadi had waited up till now to make his opinion known. His condemnation is not strong enough. I had expected him to condemn the killings from the beginning and even pay a visit to the families but this never happened.  Using the Garden City Literary Festival as a platform for his condemnation has come rather too late an of no effect. It is unfortunate that the good name and pride he built for his community has been rubbished  and they will have to live with the demonisation for the rest of their generations. And maybe he doesn’t know Aluu is now an English word synonymous with evil, murder, demonisation, etc. They have Aluued their image.

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