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Governor Godwin Obaseki of Editing State has once again record an achievement and demonstrating he listens to the yearnings of his people by replacing the old comrade buses with brand new ones.

The older once which were green and bought by the previous administration of comrade Adams Oshiomole had outlived their usefulness as they were having issues and had only survived that long due to regular maintaince.

Last year I boarded one and the driver was complaining bitterly after the vehicle broke down that the government ought to have had them replaced but was wondering why it was taking too long.  The administration of Godwin Obaseki was few months to becoming a year in office then but at one year it gifted the poor masses and middle class.

The comrade buses are no longer green  but red and beautiful.  The bus provides free transportation for school children  between 30 to 50 percent reduction in transportation depending on the distances. In fact long distance commuters are the ones benefiting the most.

Since inception into office,  the governor has surprised many with his achievements.  Many had thought he was going to be a yes boy for Oshiomole popularly called Oshiobaba but so far Obaseki has been his own man without any known conflict with his political godfather.  He talks little,  very little but his actions speaks too loud that even the opposition parties in the state are impressed and have a cordial relationship with him.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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