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Following a fight between members off Ekosodin Community, host to the largest population of students of the University of Benin and some cult members in the community resulting in the hospitalisation of one of its youth leaders on Sunday night, the community which has been at a long running battle in trying to stamp out cultism, shut the back gate hence making student resident go through pains in making a long trek to the Benin- Lagos Express to get to their campus.

There are different account to what led to this latest clash which first started on Sunday morning and then much part of the evening but was later calm by the intervention of security agents.

A source said the community is unhappy that each time they make arrest of cultist and hand them over to the police, they are usually released by some powerful patrons of the cult groups so have resolved to handle issues themselves and would be taking the matter to the Oba of Benin.


Last year, cultist shot the chairman of the community youths and the vigilante chairman at different times but both survived.

And each time it happens, innocent students are made to suffer by the sealing of the back gate. In this instance not only were they made to make long exhaustive treks, some the youths just suspect to be cultist, were given mob beatings.

Reports by NaijaSpleen ireporter says the youths were moving into certain hostels and harassing assaulting innocent students they suspect to be cultist based on physical appearance. The students are unhappy and wonder if looks could determine who a cultist is.

A resident outside the community who leaves by the Benin-Lagos expressway who went to get breakfast from a minimart near his home was attacked by a mob of community youth who accuse him of going to buy food for his cult group. They accused him because he kept a long beard and had tattoo on his hand. They failed to listen to him and gave him slaps and flogged him on the floor until he was rescued by his caretaker.

Speaking to one of our ireporters, the lad said he has developed problems with one of his ears as he has been having pains and echoes on his ears and wonders why they should just attack him when he doesn’t even live in their community.


As at the time of filing this report, it was said the back gate has been opened. It cannot be confirmed if the curfew imposed on the community yesterday has been lifted.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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