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I woke up excited as the previous night had been a blissful one for my wife and i. It has however been one for the past one month. You know if your wife is happy then you are happy and there is peace and life in your home.

A happy wife, a peaceful home, a beautiful baby girl, a stable job as a lecturer, what else could a young man in his early forties ask for? Despite all these I still have the time to date a few of my female students. Even when you don’t want to, they will still come to tempt you.

Some do it to have good grades but you would be surprise a few do it because they just want to date someone older and working class. I get surprised when a newly admitted student will be bold enough to tell you she is crushing on you.

A colleague once told me how a 200 level female student he was dating, was sending funny messages via Whatsapp as he was teaching describing the way he was talking and moving. He was laughing and responding at the same time and both were keeping eye contact but the other students and no clue why he was laughing.

I take my job serious in the open and try not to ruin my reputation publicly. I take care in anything I do and I get tough with my students in a test or examination hall. I get even tougher with the once I am close to even the females I must have slept with. But something happened in an examination hall and on my 45th birthday that up to this day I still can’t understand what really hit me.

I was going round the hall then got to this point where a female student smiled at me and the way she did it gave me an impression she was up to something. She was someone that really attends classes and has never been to my office before. I wouldn’t know if she has visited other colleague because the course is handled by two other lecturers and me.

So I decided to sit in front of her for a while. She welcomed me with an even better smile. Her eyes looked pink and flashed a radiance of which was as though you just saw someone from another planet.

I told myself ‘she no reach’. I was prepared for this kind. Whatever she had prepared to do, I would frustrate it. I said again in my heart ‘what is in me is greater than what is in her’.  Then suddenly she opened her legs, oh my God! She had no pants on. Oh my good God! I wanted to scream but she looked at me again with that smile but this time, it was like an angel I saw.

Then she brought out her shukuli (prepared answers written in small sheets) and kept it on her table and was cheating just right in front of me and I don’t know what locked my mouth and my legs became heavy to lift.

She would close her legs and once I try to stand up to leave she would open them again and again. And I would sit back. I spent almost all my time just in front of the girl and my colleagues didn’t question me though as they had concluded there was someone I might have wanted to frustrate in the exam hall.

She submitted her script 40 minutes to the end of the examination to me and left again with a smile of what I was not sure of, maybe smile of victory.  As she walked out of the hall, I just kept gazing at her until a colleague touched me and said “seems you like that babe”. Then I realized I must have been with the devil himself in woman form.

Interestingly,  we never had any contact again as I didn’t take any of the courses she took in her final year but I later told some my colleagues years after she had passed on and till date we still make a joke out of it. Her name is engraved in my memory and that is an experience I would never forget.

Are you wondering why I didn’t go lay with her after the examination. I don’t know why but I do know my wife is a prayer warrior and who knows?


Ogaga Onokwakpor

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