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When the news hit Nigerians that a JAMB official claimed her housemaid connived with a colleague of hers to steal her scratch card sales money using a mysterious snake to swallow 36 million natural from the vault,  it was yet another comedy release since the coming of the new administration.

Okay,  you know the story already and Prof.  Oloyede isn’t taking it lightly. The official has been suspended and facing investigation.

While that is on,  many Nigerians have taking a role in the ongoing drama and the script is being developed daily.  Someone created a Twitter account and named it ‘The Nigerian Snake ‘ and has been entertaining followers with it.  In four days he has gained over 8000 followers.

Our fearless Senator Shehu Dani joined the series by visiting JAMB office with snake venom and charmers to help fish out the snake.

Before I bring you some of the tweets, let me share a write up shared on a Whatsapp group.


Fish swallowed a full fledged man and dropped him harmlessly ashore somewhere in the middle east- You believed it.

Snake engaged in a discussion with one woman like that and convinced her to eat a forbidden fruit somewhere in the middle east- You believed it.

A Donkey got upset somewhere in the middle east and shouted at the Oga for flogging him- You believed it.

Now, our own snake just swallowed ordinary paltry 35 abi 36 million naira JAMB money, and you guys are fuming and ranting in disbelief.

Why cant we support and believe local contents for once? Haba!

What the middle eastern snake can do, our own snake can do better.
I don gerrit.



Ogaga Onokwakpor

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