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The story published on many blogs with accompanying videos including on this blogs was false.

NaijaSpleen regrets and apologies for publishing the story. The story was published on tgis blog after reliable sources confirmed to the blogger about the fact of the  story.

After viewing the video several times and i became disturbed in my spirit, i met someone who has a shop close to the bank inside the university. He confirmed a neighbour of his was an eye witness and that one confirmed the young man was vomiting cash. Not satisfied i immediately paid a visit to the bank and i met with a security guard, whom by his name tag was Akpojunor Perfect Paul.

He was not happy that students of the university didn’t verify the facts before posting the video in the social media and concluded the young man was vomiting money.

Mr. Perfect Paul said he was one of those in the video and that the young man came to make deposit at the bank but he was physically unstable (shaking). He was to make three different payments but the the money was not arranged so he was asked to arrange them.

As he tried to the money kept falling off and the bank’s security including the one on jacket recording the incident from the front were concerned about his safety and came to ensure he was okay. That is why they took his car key so he wouldn’t drive and took him inside to help him calm down.

With his cooperation, they called his employer who sent him to the bank and that one came to pick him. The police was only invited for record purpose.

According to Mr. Perfect the video of the incident was immediately deleted from their phones.

Similarly a visit to Nadia Bakery opposite thw main gate revealed from the owners of the place that the story which trended over the weekend that yahoo boys from the university of Benin sold the place to a white guy whom they have taken round thw place for N25m.

The patriarch of the place said nothing like that happened and that it was just a stupid story.

Just imagine how a white guy would come in and see other white guys and not ask questions. Juju or no juju nothing like that happened and no arrest by EFCC was ever made.

I believe our society is in danger of false information. Many lazy bloggers just want attention and are just posting fake news and producing facts not found any where.

We also have serious issues of people who see things from afar and run into conclusion and would tell it in such a way to convince you they are correct.

You also have another group who manufacture stories to be relevant among their gist group.

It’s sad that UNIBEN students would be involved in tarnishing the image of thwir institution. The University has been trending in social media with so many negative stories and so far all lies manufactured by UNIBEN students themselves to boost followership on their social media handles. To what end?

Please before we post any fake news, we should think about the psychological and emotional impact it would have  on the individual involved.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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