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Life is certainly fun. Most times it’s unpredictable. The BigBrother Africa Stargame has come and gone, but the story of the most celebrated star-mates in the house Goldie and Prezzo seems to get more interesting. With the eviction of Goldie and the betrayal by Prezzo, we thought the game was over. Goldie came back home in shame, infact she had to put on sun shades to shade off her eyes from Nigerians. At a press conference she disclosed that Prezzo deceived her.

A few days ago Prezzo flew into Nigeria for one mission, to apologise to Goldie and Nigerians. He is hoping to propose to Goldie. Goldie is still deeply hurt and had not picked his call since the end of the show. I am touched by this singular act of Prezzo. He has proved to me that he is indeed a gallant warrior with a soft heart. I was one of those who despised him for what he did to Goldie in the house but today, my opinion of him has changed. How many men would do this. I don’t want to believe he is doing this to boost his career. With the BigBrother show, he has boosted his popularity and can as ell marry someone else that is popular.

I am sure so many people will be giving advices to Goldie, but the babe should be left alone to decide. It’s time for her to put the hurt behind and face Prezzo  one on one. Didn’t she know the show was a show/game afterall. Nigerians sent her to go and win the cash for herself and make the country proud but she go there go find love. . ehen, she don find love and the love don come carry im flower, shikina . . which one she dey.

Let’s keep joke aside and face the hard truth. Prezzo could be the best friend Goldie could ever have. They both love themselves. Even if she doesn’t want to marry him, they could be good friends. I am looking forward to a colabo from the both.

Meanwhile let me leave you with his interview with NigeriaTribune;

Big Brother Africa’s Jackson Makini, popularly called Prezzo, was in Lagos some days ago where he declared that his visit was to see and beg Nigerian singer and former Housemate, Goldie. In this interview, he bares his mind and reveals some intimate secrets unknown to people about him.


altPrezzo, Kenyan Rapper

What is Prezzo doing in Nigeria?
Nigeria is the first country I’m stopping by after the Big Brother show and this means a lot. I decided to come to Nigeria because of my involvement with Goldie, I know how you all feel and that is why I am here to have a one-on-one with Nigerians.

At a time in the House, you told Goldie both of you will rule the world of music together, are you here to build your fan-base?
We never know what can come out of it because we are both musicians, I’m open for any idea but, right now, that is not the reason for my visit to this country. I’m here to see Goldie and work things out with her. Since I’ve been here I’ve not talked about any promotional stuffs, the time for fan base will come, right now I’m looking out for Goldie and to anyone that feels offended about my action, I want to say I’m truly sorry. I have a mother and a daughter, so the real me can’t treat a woman badly, but Big Brother is a game of strategy and nothing but a game.

You and Goldie had an affair, she was later evicted and your actions made the people believe she was part of the tactics for you to win the game, now that the game is over, have you seen and sorted out your differences?
When I left Kenya for South Africa, my mission was to win the 300,000 dollars. I went into the House as an individual but as a human being nature put us together. We definitely have a feeling for each other. I’ve not spoken with Goldie; as a man, my father always tells me to follow my heart, I am here to see her and if she can change her mind.

How soon are you proposing to her, and do you see this leading to marriage?
The journey of a million miles starts in a day, I just want to get her to answer her phone calls and once she does that, I will be happy. Asking if I will marry her, everything happens for a reason, nature puts us across, if she is willing, I will be glad. I am 32 years old, time is fast going and I know we share a lot of things in common, if it’s marriage, why not?

In the house you didn’t like Goldie, she came to you as an attention seeker, how real are your intentions?
What happened in the house is different from what is happening now, in the house we had a lot of secret cameras focused on us, but right now there are no cameras and nobody is forcing me to do anything, I’m doing this from my own will.

How easy will you be able to convince Goldie, since she felt you used her?
When somebody puts that amount on the table and asks you to stay in a house for three months to win it you can do anything, but I know Goldie cares about me and I care about her too. In the house, you can’t trust anybody and I think the only way was to use her to give me a chance, I hope and pray things work out fine between us.

How will your wife take the whole thing?
Before I went into Big Brother I believed no married man in his right senses would go in there. Before I went in, I had a wife and a baby girl, we have separated about three years ago, so, I don’t have an issue with her. I’ve been into Big Brother and I will beg married people not to go there, they can come out of there and take some certain steps.

You claimed you and your wife have separated, does that mean you’ve divorced?
There are crosses to that, she has all the divorce papers with her, the case is still ongoing and we don’t live together. She knows our relationship cannot work and what we are just doing is because of the child we have together.

Do you have any regret losing the star prize, do you think you could have done it differently?
I have no regret. I’m happy I made it to the last minute. I wouldn’t have played it differently, because I will not go there again.
Towards the last minute of the show you and the winner, Keegan, had some nasty moments. Did you see him as a major rival?
I believe in fair opening. What I didn’t like about him was the manner he was implementing roles in the house and acting like the boss. He tried putting everybody below him and majority of the house were already succumbing to that but I have a name like a king or the president, I can’t bow to him, though I salute him for winning and wish him well.

What’s the difference between the Prezzo in Big Brother and the Prezzo in real life?
Very different. The Prezzo in the house was full of paranoia, he didn’t know what to expect from people, but there are still some housemates that remain friends, the Prezzo in real life is just an ordinary human being.

Marriage should be a private matter between you and Goldie, why making it public?
Ever since I left the house I’ve been thinking about Goldie, let me see her first and the Masai in me will express himself. I don’t believe Goldie and Prezzo are private matter again, the whole world knows about our relationship already.

There are some things written about you and you were thought to be an attention seeker, is that part of the real Prezzo?
I seek success and not attention, I get driven by support from my fans and not by attention.

What’s your status importance in Kenya and how did you enter the Big Brother contest?
I am a household name in Kenya; go there and verify. I didn’t apply for the Big Brother show, a lady just called me and said she is representing the company and that they have done some researches and think I will be good for the game.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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