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After many months of waiting and high expectation i finally had the priceless privilege of having this interview with Barrister Elohor Egoh (Mrs), wife, mother,sister and friend to many and adored daughter of Colonel O. P Onoriede Rtd and wife.

This interview is very revealing, an eye opening and breathtaking. Elohor is an interview delight anytime any day.. She’s poised and speaks with so much confidence and with a smile that radiates a peace of mind. That smile makes her guest comfortable around her and certainly brings you success. And one thing some persons don’t know about her is her very hilarious nature. She’s humble and respects peoples opinions.

I couldn’t stop going through our conversation and can’t wait to have her in a TV talk show.

On a serious note, the interview tends to give Nigerians a clear insight to seeking for admission overseas. Many have fallen into the wrong hands out of desperation at all cost while some are not sure why they should have a time out outside. She also did well to x-ray the Nigerian educational system, the failures and what can be done to make it inviting.

Have a nice happy reading and do please leave a comment behind on your way out and do carry in your bag/pocket too by sharing on your twitter or Facebook page.

NaijaSpleen:   Can You Give a  Brief History of Your Background

My name is Barrister (Mrs) Elohor Egoh‎, I am a lawyer by training, but presently an overseas education consultant. I have been an education consultant for about 8years now. I am happily married and blessed with lovely children.

Aside practicing law for a brief period and working as an editor in a law publication outfit, I also worked in a UK university recruitment office. This afforded me the opportunity of interviewing students interested in studying in the UK, giving them course and career advise as well as assisting them with their visa applications. I was also opportune to travel throughout Africa and the UK on education fairs, recruiting students to study in the UK

NaijaSpleen:   How long has Ellejacobs been?

Elle Jacobs Consulting has been around for over two years. We started with recruiting students for the UK only. but we have increased our capacity and now recruit for universities in Dubai, UK, USA, Canada, Hungary, China, Philippines, Germany, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand

NaijaSpleen:  what percentage of Nigerians seek studies abroad?

Unfortunately, very few Nigerians seek studies overseas. I have discovered that this is due ‎to ignorance, inadequate information, and misinformation. Many people who genuinely have the desire and ability to study outside the shores of the country approach quack agents and once they have a bad experience, it scars them for a long time.

NaijaSpleen:  How easy is it to gain admission abroad?

Its as easy as having the requisite qualifications. What I mean is, provided a prospective student meets the entry requirement for a course, he will certainly get a place. Universities are straight forward whatever the outcome, a student will always get a response fron the University

NaijaSpleen:  What is the major obstacle for Nigerians seeking to study overseas?

The major obstacle is financial constraint and as I mentioned earlier, ignorance and mis-information.

NaijaSpleen:  How does being a lawyer help you in dealing with your clients?

Law is a versatile profession. Thankfully, a lawyer can fit into most professions without hassles. As a lawyer, you are able to make quick judgment, think on your feet, and do extensive research without it looking burdensome. Being a lawyer has been a major boost for me. It helps my reputation as I am seen as a ‘repositor’ of the law. I look at new laws on immigration as they affect my students and give them relevant up to date information that increases their chances of securing a visa, far above what someone who tries to apply by himself will get. I know where to look per time, and the sort of information I need too.

NaijaSpleen:  what makes universities abroad attractive to Nigerians?

The quality of the teaching is a major attraction, followed by the fact that students are assured there wont be disruptions in their studies as a result of strikes‎. Studying overseas also gives students the opportunity of gaining an international experience as they get to meet and interact with students from all over the country.

NaijaSpleen:  Do you think that’s healthy for the growth of our educational system and economy?

Definitely! We need to expose our future generation to the world. Secure an international experience for them. To buttress how inportant international interaction is, universities in the world power nations like France, USA, UK, Russia, Canada, China have student‎ exchange programmes. These programmes enable students to have a different world view. So a student who leaves the UK to study in the USA for a semester or a year will definitely be more exposed than ‎one who studied in the UK alone. I think Nigeria should invest in such exchange programmes. Our Government also should encourage more scholars to venture out of the shores of this country like they did in the 60s through the 80s

NaijaSpleen: what do you think is the major problem with our educational system

and how can we make things work?

Our major problem is funding. The universities aren’t well funded. Researchers find it hard to conduct the simplest tasks. The infrastructure and facilities in the universities are nothing to write home about. Universities should be institutions for knowledge acquisition, dissemination and not ‘glorified secondary schools’. Most of the universities in the UK for instance were founded over a 100years ago. But when you see the quality of their structures and facilities, you know we haven’t started in Nigeria. Also the issue of remuneration of teachers and lecturers cannot be over emphasized. ‎We need to pay them well, keep them motivated, provide room for continuous improvement and acknowledge their contributions to society

NaijaSpleen:  can you share some success and no-success story on Nigerians attempting to travel out for educational reasons?

Fortunately, I have only had success stories. I have students who have been successfully enrolled into universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Philippines, China and Dubai‎.

NaijaSpleen:   How do you combine being a wife, mother and career woman?

Its the grace of God. Its not easy. God put something extra special in every woman and I guess its that ‘extra special something’ that helps me multi task without loosing it

NaijaSpleen:  what would you describe as your proudest moment in life?

It wasn’t something that had to do with me professionally, but personally. It was when I had my first child. It was an overwhelming and emotional experience

NaijaSpleen:  where do u see ellejacobs in the nearest future?

By God’s grace, we strive and will be among the first 10 overseas education agents student approach to facilitate their studies abroad

NaijaSpleen:  what would be your final word/advice to Nigerian youths seeking to travel overseas for schooling.

Studying abroad is not a ‘flash in the pan’ idea. It must be carefully thought out and planned. Also, it is better to go the legal way than through ‘runz’…. anybody doing ‘runz’ or assuring you of getting you overseas through illegal means is killing your destiny. do it the right way and you will be happy about the outcome


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