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A first class 500 level student of the Department of Computer S

University of Benin on Thursday evening hanged himself inside his room.

The student identified as Adam had attended classes with his colleagues then returned home, charged his phone, washed his clothes then went inside his room.

No one suspected anything was wrong until his sister visited from another campus to find out the door was locked from the inside. This was the account a close friend of his shared on a class group.


“Let’s leave details, I was among the person that placed his lifeless body inside the police hilux , he was so close to me, he even came to class today, in fact he was washing clothes n after hanging his clothes, within the span of 20mins he hung himself. Wen I mean I’m close, he was my real nigga, it was beyond the ordinary. If not for his sister that came from ekenwan campus to n we had to break the door cos it was locked from inside, it something beyond the ordinary cos he didn’t leave any written note,he charged his phone this afternoon, he even washed his clothes…… I’m so weak right now”

There was mixed reaction to the suicide tale. Some say it is a spiritual remote, some say he suffers from Bipolar Mood Disorder and could have had a mood swing that led to him probably taking his life.

His classmates are said to be in tears at the night class at the moment.Engineering

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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