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I woke up this morning to see a Whatsapp message of a YouTube link titled ‘ BOBRISKY Fake lifestyle and how he scammed his gate man Jacob ‘

Honestly I for like to waka pass but after watching the video I cannot but say MC Galaxy is the one trying to scam Nigerians. And I cannot but wonder why the bring them down syndrome has become so marketable in our country.

Let me address the issues raised piece by piece as best as I can. Galaxy says Bobrisky owes his gate man six months as confirmed by Jacob and that he gave Jacob 40 thousand naira which BOBRISKY took from him.

It was wrong to owe a worker for that long especially for someone like Bobrisky with his public claim of making so much daily denying a gate man of his monthly 25k income. And to deny Jacob his liberty to go home after he told him his father was sick and taking his 40k given to hi mm by Bobrisky is not of good report.

However we need to hear from bob risky to get his side but to tell the truth many people owe their domestic staff and companies out there owing staff salaries including some states and local governments. It is wrong to owe salaries but how does Bobrisky’s own become exceptional and requiring death penalty.

Mc Galaxy did mention he pays Bobrisky about 200k monthly to promote him. That sounds interesting. i will get back to that. According to the artiste he pays Bobrisky monthly to promote him and either Bobrisky does not promote him or he does so 2 or 3 times and then stops.He claimed he made a musical video with Jacob, Bobrisky’s gate man and asked Bobrisky to promote it but that they must sign a contract and Bobrisky said he would not sign, so he offered 150k without contract and 200k with contract and Bobrisky went for the no contract deal and et didn’t promote the video.

According to Galaxy, he is the only artiste that has been identifying with Bobrisky in public while other artistes would do so privately. He even mentioned attending Bobrisky’s house shower where he sprayed so much money on the naija queen of snapchat.

Hmm Mc Galaxy, what a public show of envy resulting in bring him down syndrome. From all his video all i got was he was getting back on bobrisky for not promoting videos (probably) that never sold or sold well. He demonstrated Bobrisky is not just anyone on the road side, one he has an intimate relationship with that went sour and has only just seen a window of opportunity to vent revenge.

How did Mc Galaxy end up making a musical video with a domestic staff of his promoter without his consent. And if Bobrisky wasn’t even in support how come he approached Bobrisky for promotional assistant?

Jacob said his father is sick but the so called sick father had a bottle of bear he was drinking in front of him as they posed for the Mc galaxy-Jacob publicity video to damage the image of Bobrisky. In all of the conversation, neither Mc Galaxy nor Jacob could explain how Bobrisky scammed him. If his boss Bobrisky seized or took his 40k given to him by Galaxy they could have simply reported the matter to the police if it was a scam. Do they really know what a scam is? Bobrisky ought to even arrest Mc Galaxy for evading his privacy and having dealings with his domestic staff.

I believe there is something Mc galaxy and Jacob has not spoken of. if there is no romantic relationship going on among this trio, then it could just be Mc Galaxy is just causing a publicity stunt to promote his musical video with Jacob. Some weeks back they had made a video of Jacob accusing Bobrisky of scamming him and it trended on Instagram but it seems their musical video wasn’t selling well then Mc Galaxy and Jacob probably acting a movie script paid a visit to Jos to visit Jacob and his sick father on a bottle of beer.

To me it was an embarrassing scene with Mc Galaxy showing off his little wealth if there is any at all. In a Nollywood movie fashion he brought out 300k and gave to Jacob asking him to take his father to the hospital. His father doesn’t understand English but Jacob’s ascent is that of Akwa Ibom where Mc Galaxy hails from. Just to go to Jos Mc Galaxy said he flew 6 persons on flight to Jacobs, probably cast and crew of the latest movie.

Carryng out a campaign to damage Bobrisky is not uncommon in Nigeria. Former president Goodluck Jonathan experienced it first hand as fake news and hate campaign against him circulated in the social media who gullible followers and users believe just anything they read even headlines.

It is a practice especially in Nigeria although not just peculiar to Nigeria where people try to bring successful people down. If your business is doing well, competitors will damage your image. Those holding political offices will make effort to frustrate the companies and businesses of their opponents etc. There was a time when fake news circulated that Indomie was killing people in Lagos and Port Harcourt , Sinach buys private jet for pastor Chris as tithe – just a few of fake news.

Bobrisky is a successful business man that has against all odd make a name for himself. I am not in support of his style. Bobrisky to me represents courage and boldness – only i wish he did it for God but he has his life as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution and the United Nations and African charter on Human Right.

All those who abuse Bobrisky are his number fans. If truly he irritates them, how come they go to snapchat, twitter and Instagram daily just to get to see what Bobrisky has for the day. I did watch his interview with Adesuwa Onyenekwe on ‘Today’s Woman’ which was streamed on Facebook Live. I saw a Bobrisky that is courageous and honest. His integrity level exceeds that of all his haters.

Ours is a nation of pretense and lies. The only thing i do not believe is that he is not gay. But he is not expected to admit he is gay in a country we pretend gays do not exist. Would you expect Denrele, among others to admit being gay? Nigeria falsely pretend is not African has a anti-gay marriage bill that cannot even work since it cannot be used against gays except they marry but they arrest suspected gays and just go on an endless trial not capable of securing a conviction. However they do what they do in the open within the law.


Bobrisky has become a brand phenomenon in today’s naija and in no time will we begin to see many more of him come out from their closets. Bobrisky catapulted himself to naija number one celebrity, if you don’t like it sorry. Every celeb and aspiring celebs. if you hate Bobrisky don’t visit his pages or even get to know about him.

While preparing this story, i stumbled on other Youtube vids even if i didn’t view them, i could see Bobrisky committed a crime – bring his gate man to limelight. making jacob a celeb and the naive Jacob allowed people who don’t love him but want to destroy his boss get to him. I just hope someday, Jacob will come to his senses and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In the video i didn’t hear them speak about any false life like the cars Bobrisky uses are not his or he lives with someone.

To Bobrisky, if you are nothing, people won’t talk about you. I am sure even Senators and other top politicians discuss you. In no time Atiku will mention you and soon you will be contracted to mobilize vtes for politicians – more money coming your way. I like your boldness, your courage, your fearless heart and your ingenuity and creativity but i would love it if you become born again. Christ is everything you need. Accept that he came, he died for you and has resurrected to heave. Acknowledge that he is the Lord of your life and your saviour. Go to church and let the Holy Spirit guide you. You said in 2 years or so you would be getting married to a girl – maybe it could be Bimpe and you spoke of how you will stop all the make ups and feminine hair do to get married and raise a family. Good but you can only succeed when you become born again. Christ will catapult you to a greater height at that time.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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