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Man was given the life of procreation to continue the human race. However some are unable to procreate either by choice or by circumstance.

Some decide not to marry and some do get married. Those who choose to get married could have done so out of the desire for companionship or for procreation.Those who choose not to might have done so far a religious reason or they have chosen to devote their life and time to other courses.

Everyone of us have been born for a reason to achieve a particular role in our generation but many are unaware and could end up  being overly worried and frustrated about events happening to them or around them.

Once a person discovers his role in his generation and key’s in to it, life would make sense to him and he will be full of limitless energy to carry out his role every day, e very time.

Not everyone is meant to go to a university, so it is with being married. Marriage is not for everyone , procreation is not for everyone.

Some are born to procreate to continue the human race, some are born to guide the procreated on their journey  along life’s path, helping to lead them to achieving their role in their generation.

Some are simply born to inspire and motivate a generation.

Ogaga Onokwakpor

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