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When Canadian based Nigerian singer?  Stephanie Otobo came out last year to accuse Edo born Man of God Apostle Suleiman Johnson of the Sushi based Omega Fire Ministries who is referred to as the Oracle, many were quick to believe the allegations.

Many including so-called Christians called him names but some of us who knows better knew it was just a set up and blackmail.  The Preacher had been speaking out against attacks by Fulani herdsmen and the federal government poor handling of the issue and it was clear they would soon persecute him like they have done to every opposition voices in the country.

It became clearer when she asked the Karina State Governor Nadir El-Rufai for protection. Let’s not go into that.

Her parents came out to apologize to pastor Suleiman and said their daughter was being used.

Even the Nigerian Police didn’t believe her and arraigned her for blackmail.  A sane persons should have known she was on a mission inspired by powers that be.

Today the truth is out.  She stood on the altar of God to confess powerful politicians used her. She claimed she was desperate to fulfil her singing career and couldn’t resist the offer.

How they got to her is not known or who used her but it might not be necessary at this point.

I salute her courage to come out.  She has demonstrated she belongs to God and not the devil. God knows her and when to rescue his children and vindicate his servants and prophets.

I hope Nigerians and especially Christians have learnt something. Do not be quick to judge people especially a man of God.  It is God’s place to discipline his prophets. Be careful what you say in the open.

We should not believe everything we read in the media. There are a lot of fake news flying around in the media.

Since 2015, Our news media has been filled with accusations of corruption againstbenemiesbof the government.  Nigeria that I was born forty years ago has never experienced the kind of lies we have experienced for the past 4 years.  It started with the previous 2015 elections when in desperation to win elections heavy lies were said Bout then President Jonathan and his government.

Taking advantage of the economic situation of the country and the massive corruption then they posted fake figures as being stolen and it worked as they took over power and then started muzzling up opposition voices and anyone they perceived as threat.

Up to date non of the corruption cases has been really proved other than media trial and conviction but Nigerians should know better now.  Corruption has gone nuclear. Corruption has a new definition today as it is only associated with  only enemies of the government. So to be a hero,  join the ruling party.

The church is under attack in Nigeria. I don’t know if there is a plan to Islamasize  Nigeria but of course that is impossible.

Fulani herdsmen have been killing Christians and destroying theirbfarms. Many villages are reported to have been taken over by marauding herdsmen in Plateau,  Kaduna and some other northern states with the ruling party and president not taking decisive action to curb this.

Herdsmen are seen as invincible and above the law. Rather than arrest and prosecute them they are attacking disappointed Nigerians and accusing them of hate speech.

This government has failed and Nigerians must make up their minds of not only kicking them out but ensuring we have a new constitution before the 2019 elections. Nigeria must be restructured and power devolved to its components part.

Our country cannot be allowed to break but remain united because that is our strength.  Nigeria is greater than any individual or political party ambition. It is ours and belongs to all of us.

Finally,  I pity all those Christians joining stupid people to argue about tithes and the prosperity of pastors and the church. You are Inna path to destruction. Soon your daddy freeze will come out to make his confession. Continue to follow him and his likes to condemn the church. Better know yourself and concentrate on what God wants for you and discover your purpose in life as set out by God.

Do you know the NGO bill is a silent attack on the church?  They started with tithe so that when they strike you would not know. Please be wise.

All those doing in this do for their own interest. Muslims and Christians have long lived together peaceful for a long time and in 1992 Nigerians voted for Abiola-Kingibe a Muslim-Muslim ticket as President. So why the ethno-religious division today?  Something has gone wrong somewhere.

So be wise fellow Nigerians.  We must be patriotic and loyal to Nigeria and not to any individual or political party.

Nigeria will outlive many of us today.

Your Voters card is your power, get it today and use it wisely. Do notbsell your conscience. This is our chance to make a difference and decide our future.

God’s Holy Spirit is upon our nation and it will be well for us bebith Christian or Muslim.



Ogaga Onokwakpor

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