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For many years the subject of human trafficking across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe has been a subject matter. Various Nigerian government since the coming of democracy in the country in 1999 has taking measures to check the menace. NAPTIP which is the agency in charge of checking the crime had made arrests, established offices in states especially Benin City the Edo State capital; they have sponsored enlightenment campaigns in the media and through Nollywood.

Long before Nigerians knew, Benin people had discovered Europe. They had long been in contact with white invaders so there could be a probability that they could have had ancestors who were taken down by some of the invaders but the Benin kingdom was far more developed than many if not all of Europe in every department of civilization and mindset.

Italy and Spain was a popular destination for Benin girls and boys who mainly traveled for prostitution probably in the late 80s but the 90s was a period of flourishing for them.  Those who went came back and turned things around for their poor families. They sent money back and built houses for rent in the city and residential building for their old parents in the villages. They took poverty away from their homes. They would come back home and take more poor young girls who were mostly their siblings and relatives to Europe with them.

Soon many grew big and with years spent, they obtained valid residential papers, some even became citizens. These became big time traffickers, coming back to Benin to recruit mostly girls for prostitution and boys for gay sex or pimps. These would have to pay very high to get their freedom. A fortunate lady could find a European who falls in love and make the payment then marry them or just cohabit and even bear children. Even housewives abandoned their husbands to Europe (Italy and Spain).

People journey through the Sahara desert to enter Libya, Morocco through Niger, Chad. Many lose their lives to bandits who steal their money and valuables. That would even be better as most bandits come for human parts; mostly their kidneys, liver and maybe any other vital to the bandits. Many die of starvation and dehydration. Yet this has never stopped people trooping through the dangerous routes.

Spain made a partnership with Morocco that made it difficult for people to go through that country and so the population going to Italy increased and became a burden to that country that  to discourage immigrants crossing the sea, they stopped rescuing any whose boats capsizes. They would watch from their posts without doing anything that some activists across the world condemned the action of the Italian government and even the Pope added his voice to the condemnation. Prefer the Libyan route until now.

Israel is a no go area as entry via Egypt is a shoot at sight by Egyptian security forces so many black Africans just

Italy is a country where prostitution thrives; the men love it and are willing to pay high for it. It is a culture that would be difficult to stop where gangsters control so much. Both the high and mighty is major promoter whether they are politicians or businessmen. Abuse of under age is common and a pleasure to them.


Africa has succeeded in ending most of its military and civilian long term serving dictatorships. Democracy has been enthroned but has brought worst in leadership. Many self-styled democrats and progressives, freedom fighters and human right activists were just out to enrich themselves through the democratic process. Maybe their initial intention was to bring change but once they tasted power and saw how much they could control, they lost it. Poverty is on a record high.

Politicians in the continent steal from their nations and take the money to Europe and America to develop their economies, create jobs while their nations reel in poverty, frustration and pains. The most painful of them all is the so-called giant of Africa. For decades, trillions of Naira has left the country in robbery by politicians – oil money meant for development. Educational institutions have been bastardised, healthcare is in shambles while they travel to Europe for treating even headaches and malaria. They send their children to Europe and America and careless if the ones here are in strike for months or years.

The worst government Nigeria has produced is the present one which came on a ‘change’ mantra. They murdered the image of the previous one using the social media as a tool but came in to destroy all the little gains Nigeria has made since 1999 and they still have the boldness to continue the blame game and give fall in crude oil price as an excuse. But the fall in crude oil price does not affect their medical and tourist trips across the globe. It does not stop their families traveling first class on regular trips out of the country. Stealing of public funds is still on the rise and Nigerians no longer have confidence in their so-called corruption fight as their cronies are openly stealing with no prosecution.

One man wants to rule for life in Cameroon despite the poor economy he has ushered in. He remains the only savior and good Cameroonian to lead the people and when he becomes weak in strength like Mugabe will begin to position his wife or any family member and some stupid followers will be drumming up support because of a promise of sharing of loot of their nation.

Indeed many African leaders are wicked and it is their wickedness that has led to the death of their citizen migrating through dangerous terrain to get a life. Africa sits on treasures and if used here no citizen will seek to travel out.  If those money stolen were even invested in their countries it would have provided jobs for their people and all the government needed do was not to close them but bring the thieve to book while the companies are running.

Many companies have been closed or frustrated out of business because the owners developed frosty relationship with the government in power, once you nurse a political ambition that will challenge the sitting government, they begin the process of folding up your companies and it is happening today in Nigeria as we speak. If a majority do not support or vote for the man in power develop does not go to those regions. Are all these not mere heartless wickedness? Many African nations would do better when government is decentralized allowing different states and regions to develop at their pace. Having all resources controlled by a central government will continue to keep us at a stone age. I see a major revolution soon through the ballot boxes and not through the type of the Arab spring.



Gaddafi was all we knew about Libya prior to the Arab Spring that swept him away. African recognized him as a fearless eloquent dictator who stood up to the West and promoted a United states of Africa. Colonel Mummar Gaddafi had said he was ready to give up his sit for anyone who would emerge as the president of his pet project of US of Africa but that fell on deaf ears as no one was ready to give up his presidency and they saw it as too complex and suspicious.

Gaddafi paid a state visit to Nigerian dictator General Sani Abacha in Abuja and his all-female security were a center as attention and subject of discussion in the media. He was tough and loved by most of Africa leaders although many were dictators like him.

However the death of Gaddafi in the hands of his own countrymen led by forces from Benghazzi supported by the Americans and their allies after the fall of disgraceful fall of Saddam Hussein of Iraq exposed the Libyans for who they truly are. Their first act of gratitude was the wicked and painful murder of the young American Ambassador to Libya right inside the US Embassy in Benghazzi, a people who ought to protect him. They attacked the American and asked them and other nations to leave. It became clear Gaddafi knew his people well and so the iron-fist rule. You can understand why his security was an all-female.

They used the Americans to flush out Gaddafi not for the good of their country and countrymen but to satisfy their selfish, greedy, blood thirsty desires. Today Gaddafi is out but they have refused to be united. No group wants to bow to a common leadership. They don’t recognize their government of national Unity. Anarchy reigns and they enjoy it as they battle to control territories and oil rigs.

Many months back, some videos posted online had been circulating in the social media of Libyans brutality to Nigerians and black Africans warning them to say off Libya. I watched with anguish a girl who resembles a Benin girl was planked severally with a tablet they said she stole on her head. When she was passing out they slapped her until she came to consciousness then the planking on her head continued until she died. They made effort to wake her so to continue but this time she was gone, then they threw her into a shallow grave they had dug. They didn’t hide their faces. How come the government of Nigeria and the world never acted immediately when those videos were circulating? The mess we have today would never have reached this degree.

It only took the world to respond this time because the slave trade story came from CNN and suddenly our governments are acting as if they care so the world will see them as serious. How about the slaughtering of innocent citizens by Fulani herdsmen across the country? War crime is being committed in Plateau state and the world is saying it is a Nigerian problem. The much publicized interest by the International Criminal Court in The Hague has not been reported ever since.


Many of the migrants returning home are returning home to hopelessness. The situations that made them leave to risk their lives still exist and not likely to change. The only state making progress is Edo State. The governor, Godwin Obaseki is a man that has made strides but he is limited by funds. His effort cannot be enough to provide jobs for most of the citizens as long as Nigeria continues to practice its unitary system of government.

As long as Paul Biya continues to rule Cameroon and with the same structure even if a new government comes, things will remain the same. If Cameroonians decide Paul Biya goes, he goes and not even his military can save him.

All returnees must be part of a revolution to effect change for real. It is a revolution through the ballot box as I said earlier. We must use our voters’ cards to shame bad leaders. The youths and women must rise up during the coming elections to decide on progress. To vote leaders who will make our countries with good economies like there is in Europe.

If you continue to collect money to vote the wrong politicians then you will continue to die in the Mediterranean Sea. The countries you are running to decide who lead them and not through bribes. Political parties have manifestoes there and the people hold them accountable and kick them out when they fail. If you are ready, get set and go to the nearest voters registration centre to get a Voters’ card if you don’t have any. Then decide which political party you want to join certainly not APC or PDP.







Ogaga Onokwakpor

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