Celebrating Kate Henshaw At 50

Yesterday many Nigerians took to social media to celebrate our own Nollywood diva, ageless Kate Henshaw as she turned 50.

It was a wow for many especially this generation of youths with whom age has become a matter of top on the list of discussions. They were stunned to see how youthful Kate looked with the ageless photos she posted online and by her friends and well wishers.

I wasn’t surprised to see her looks as I grew up with a Kate Henshaw on TV when the name Nollywood wasn’t even coined. She has always been ageless. I will return to this but let me visit the parade ground.

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I am happy many Nigerians came out to pour enconiums on Kate. It shows how much we appreciate her for providing us with entertainments that made us laugh and cry.

Kate Henshaw’s contribution to the development of the movie industry in Nigeria can never be underestimated. She paid her dues and she certainly is being rewarded for it with an ageless blessing from the Lord.

Kate Henshaw like a few of her colleagues in the industry stood by the Nigerian youths in their time of need. I am speaking of #EndSARS. Kate was not afraid of backlash from the government rather she used her privileged posisition, her voice and resources to drum up support for the EndSARS movement.

She was never afraid and never relented in defending the masses and using her social media platform, she would always stand and speak out for social justice and any issue that also concerns the girl child.

Despite the trials and storms that come with Nollywood fame, Kate Henshaw has been able to keep her issues especially her private and family life out of the public and this is good.

I am not saying Kate Henshaw is perfect but at least, I don’t know any short comings as na hear I sidon dey look and na wetin I know I write.

Back to what I was saying earlier, today’s youth place more emphasis on age and are quick to write off persons that are 30 and above. If you say you are 30, they will say ‘ah! You don old o.’

There is truth in the word that “Life begins at 40.” And at 50, you just got golden and if you have found your purpose to life, then you are just 10 years into a life of fulfillment and service not only to yourself but to humanity with many more honey years ahead.

50 happy cheers to the one whose smiles are charming and defines the sweet soul on the inside. Happy 50th Anniversary Kate. We celebrate you now that you are alive and will continue to celebrate. We look forward to celebrating your agelessness at 70 and 80 and the more you would wish yourself. God bless you ma.

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