Treat Science Teachers As Gold

I recently left a teaching job in a private school over their insensitivity and slave like treatment of teachers. I have been receiving several offers online and i have lost interest and planning my dad’s funeral as first son makes it harder to accept to avoid clash with the school’s management.

However, i made a response to one of them who reached out to me yesterday and would like to repost for perhaps, private school proprietors might see and work on themselves if they really want to remain in business.

“I moved to a distant location and wont be wise transportation and stress wise. You sent Yesterday at. Besides schools in Benin don’t appreciate teachers.

they act friendly when they want to recruit you and once you accept their offers they engage you like you are a slave and so its very hard right now to consider teaching on a full time basis besides the pay is it worth the education and experience we have even though we never asked for too much.

in addition most of us choose the path of teaching because of the passion and for a fact that teaching gives you time to do other things you are passionate about but recent experiences have shown that private schools especially in Benin ensure their teachers never have time for their lives for a pay that one can get 1000 times over if into private businesses. Besides that we the science teachers are unappreciated and treated with simplicity.

Even companies rate their engineers more than the others and e get why. You sent Yesterday at should the private schools’ proprieties reevaluate their attitudes towards their teachers then, many young persons who now even see internet fraud as more profitable might reconsider

talking about that, for the fact that yahoo yahoo has even made it more difficult for youths to seek teaching jobs and other low paying jobs, proprietors ought to hold on to their young passionate and science teachers as gold and treat them as such while not focusing too much on their weaknesses except such a weakness is damaging to the students .development and growth.

I just felt this is the best i can do to contribute to the discourse today and the unavailability of mostly science teachers who are mostly engineering and science graduates.”

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