For many years now i have been pissed up with the rape stories from India and how weak the government had been in fighting it to a stand still but over time i came to find out it’s not a weakness on the part of the government but a cultural practice by a society that sees women as even worst than slaves only fit to be mistreated.

To me the raping of women in India is not for sexual pleasure by a group of sick men who crave to satisfy their psycho-sexual desire but by a society that seeks to humiliate their women whom they came to discovered many centuries ago to be perhaps more intelligent than the male folk. I want to believe that Indian men have long be afraid that if given the chance, their women would take them to second place so the need never to give them a chance and to make the women develop something worst than an inferiority complex.
Many fathers have committed suicide because they couldn’t pay the bride prices for their daughters, some have been indebted for the rest of their lives so that now many women undergo abortion if they discover what they carry is a female. It’s senseless for the woman to pay the bride prize and yet the man still dominates her at home or maybe enslaves her.
I asked someone who resides in India why the men rape their women and he said the women are usually hidden so when the men sees anyone who strays they take up the opportunity to consume that one. Bullshit!

Let me go into the reason that prompted this article. For a long time now, i have resisted the urge to write on the never ending India rape saga or any other international issue for the reason that we have too many negative issues with Nigeria and people will not hesitate to abuse Nigeria and call us all sorts of names as usual, so i decided to mind my business. But the recent event as it concerns the opposition to the documentary film by Udwin produced for NDTV and the BBC by the country’s Home Minister and a court injunction stopping the airing of the movie has prompted me to add my voice to the India debate against rape and free speech.
The world is no longer a global village but a global home as technology has put us all together in a single room and what affects one affects the other good or bad. just as a positive event in a part of the globe can influence other parts like food, dressing, democratic norms etc so bad events can too. If the rape issue in India is not addressed as a global crisis, it will like cancer spread to their neighbours and other parts of the world.
The Home Minister Rajnath Singh in addressing parliament said that the documentary will incite violence against women and there are many who share same view.but after going through so many comments online including that of those who feel offended that interviewing a criminal especially one on death sentence amounts to encouraging criminals and giving them a voice, i came to understand that it is more of pain at facing the truth than allowing an unrepentant criminal speak. A few also thinks it would influence the decision of the Supreme court which is due to hear the appeals of the four convicted men. And so what?

Indian men must sit and watch this documentary that exposes them for what some of them are. rapist Mukesh Singh to me only spoke the truth about India men and their mentality. no wonder the Police never takes cases of rape serious. I won’t be surprised if rape victims who go to report rape cases are further raped by the police for daring to speak up.

Banning the documentary is not only trying to gag up freedom of speech in India but an attempt to silence the voice of the victim and other rape victims across the country. This if successful will amount to the biggest rape, a rape on freedom of speech. there is no doubt that there could be millions of Indian women being raped daily by their male partners; husbands, boyfriends and fiances. many could have/are being raped by their relatives, teachers and employers but for fear of victimisation and humiliation plus threats those who ought to protect them and by a society to a large extent that doesn’t seem to confront the rape cases head on, these weak members of the society lock themselves in their homes with everlasting misery as companions.
Do we even know the number of unreportedĀ  deaths resulting from rapes in India? The authorities had better wake up to the reality on ground and know that the world is watching. Nigerians as well as others travel to India in search of medical attention, education and tourism and if they begin to go elsewhere for fear of rape, this will do no good to the India economy.

It seems to me that the cover up and deception is age longed as Bollywood, the second largest movie industry in the world is part of the cover up as they have failed to expose this ill in the India society. All they do mostly is present us with the they lived ever after love stories. Unreal fantasies. but i love the movies anyway. however, it’s time Bollywood producers begin to produce movies aimed at correcting the ills of their society. They should learn from Nollywood on that

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